Shell helix engine oil


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I am in scotland
Apr 16, 2010
Old Rayne, Aberdeenshire
blundered and bought wrong oil for oil change on my landcruiser.
I got Shell Helix plus 10w40 - semi-synth

but last time i used Shell Helix plus 10w40 - semi-synth - DIESEL...

i hadnt noticed when i went to buy it (in garage near Leeds - now back up in Scotland) - just picked up the blue 10w40 cans.

does anyone know if there is much difference between the DIESEL version of Shell Helix plus 10w40 - semi-synth and the cans not labelled DIESEL?

at worst i can shove it in my petrol subaru forester in summer oil change (it really needs 5w30 in the winter)


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Mar 1, 2010
also the toyota 10w40 is non fuel specific... does someone know what the difference is between diesel and normal versions of the same oil?

Andrew Prince

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Feb 23, 2010
Joburg, sunny South Africa
Usually the different oils have different additives tailored to either diesel or petrol.

Is using this oil in your diesel engine a big deal? Probably not but then again you've gone to the hassle of specifically buying Shell oil instead of using Halfords own brand so you presumably care about what you put in :idea: For peace of mind, buy the correct oil, especially as you can use the "wrong" oil usefully in another vehicle.

The "wrong" oil isn't going to cause your engine to go bang when you fire it up but it's not going to function quite as optimally as the correct oil - so in this case, the missing additives won't be there to lower acid build-up, reduce soot or whatever the diesel oil is supposed to do. So I wouldn't push for a record service interval if you decided to use the oil - given that diesel in the UK is very high quality, the oil is the correct grade and the LC service interval is relatively short compared to the longevity of most oils, I reckon you'd be ok running it :mrgreen:

You have to decide now, do you feel lucky :?: :lol:
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Mar 15, 2010
AFAIK the difference between diesel and petrol lube oil is that diesel oil has more detergents to keep carbon in suspension, petrols don't need this as they don't carbon as badly.
But FWIW I would just stick it in. I used to use the 10w30 oil from Mr T but found that buying 20l drums of Mobil 15w40 is much better value.
I use 15w40 Delvac super 1400 which I find excellent, I had no problems starting even in the freezing weather at the start of the year.
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