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  1. M

    4WD issue

    Hi all, Trying to diagnose what’s going on with my 95 series 2001 Prado. 4wd light won’t turn on, when selecting 4H or 4L and accelerating car will make a horrible clicking noise. Thought it might be CV shafts so yesterday we replaced them. Also when in normal drive car will make same noise...
  2. R

    What is this for?

    Hi all, Just wonder what is this? The button ? The speaker looking sides? Is it something to do with the alarm and if so, how does it work? Thanks in advance
  3. W

    LJ70-71 Landcruiser Prado Suspension

    have a 1991 lj71 prado with the 2lt turbo diesel engine, want to do a 2-3 inch lift. just want abit of guidance, has anyone else done a lift on one of these and what works best?
  4. A

    Wiring front end fog lights

    Hello everyone, I’m posting on here because I can’t seem to find a solution to my problem today. I want to wire my fog lights directly into the harness’s that come on the car originally. However I’m unable to find and adapters online which suit. Has anyone had this same problem or can give...
  5. onearpainter

    Hello from Georgia!

    Hello from Georgia! I just bought a 1996 Toyota Landcruiser Prado diesel with 257,368km on it. I'm super excited to build out my off road load out. It's Voodoo Blue and on 33" tires. Plans is to make a camper/ off roader. Just general adventure vehicle for hiking and fun times.
  6. Inexorable 90

    Good morning!

    Your name: Paul and Gabi Your Cruiser: 90 Series 2000 Prado Mods on your Cruiser: 33" tyres, 2" lift, bonnet mounted tracks, 3" stainless exhaust....long list of others will eventually list here. Plans for your Cruiser: This is our weekender to get a way from city and to enjoy the many amazing...
  7. B

    New owner seeking advice and thoughts!

    Hi everyone, new to the land cruisers group and seeking advice!!!! Im looking at buying this 1996 land cruiser prado 3.0 Japanese import, its been mapped apparently, have been told its quick but havnt test drove yet (thats on Thursday) Been told its got a 6" lift kit... Its on 35" tyres but...
  8. spnk

    SOLD: 90 series, in Romania

    There's a sad day in every Land Cruiser's owner when it's time to move on, and sell your baby away.. 1998 Land Cruiser Prado J90. 1KZ-TE engine (125 hp, 3000cc). 333000 km. Registered as an LKW/N1 (Light Commercial Vehicle), featuring the Dutch after-market mod. Extra things that I've added...
  9. laszlo szucs

    roughtrax fan belts didn't fit

    previous fan belts & ac belt was changed without my attention, i wasn't aware of any problems. this time we had waterpump, timing belt changed too during a trip, before returning to UK....but when my mechanic told me better change fan belts too, we quickly looked up Roughtrax what size we need...
  10. B

    B34cons 95 Series (small) Build

    So, I'll be honest - in comparison to the builds on the forum, this will hardly be considered a "build".. I picked up my 1998 Toyota Landcruiser Prado TX over two years ago in early 2019. It's a 3.0L Turbo Diesel Manual Transmission. When I purchased the truck, it was a fresh import from Japan...
  11. spnk

    SOLD: 90 Series Tilt Altimeter Gauge

    For sale an original 90 series tilt altimeter gauge. Fully working, but the wire misses the mother plug (the one that goes in to the father plug underneath the passenger airbag). A new wire costs around 20 eur / gbp / usd, depending on where you buy it from, hence the asking price. You can also...
  12. laszlo szucs

    calipers needs change or rebuild still not sure what should i do

    looking calipers topics in here still not sure what should i do. a./ what kind calipers do i have? worth of rebuild? (see attached pictures of my calipers) (see big red quotation) b./ Rough Trax calipers are very expensive. worth it? Advics Front Brake Caliper R/H - [Leaving Land Cruiser...
  13. C

    Worth shipping right hand drive diesel to USA?

    Hello. I am new to this, but I have a 1996 Land Cruiser Prado diesel from New Zealand. This is a right hand drive. I am moving back to the United States and I am wondering if it is worth it to ship back? There are 200,000 kilometers on it and runs great (looks great too!). I love the car and...
  14. laszlo szucs

    Toyota Land Cruiser Prado TX 1997

    hello everyone KZJ95W-GKPST my name is Laszlo. im new. questions: -where can i find VIN number on my Prado? -please take a look of video and tell me should i invest time and money on this car...or too late? -TX. so what engine i have? Thanks very much for any help or advice. My plans are...
  15. zsandoe

    1kz-te Injectors

    I have a kzj95 prado and I’m interested in doing the injectors. It has 126k miles. Should I replace the injectors or rebuild? I’m mechanically inclined so the scope of work doesn’t worry me. Either way, where can I find the parts for rebuild or the new replacements? A google search hasn’t really...
  16. zsandoe

    Prado 95 Noise at highway speed, Any ideas???

    So I just purchased my prado about a month ago and I have to say, I am already in love with it. Everything is great except for a pesky noise at highway speeds. Here are the details: The noise seems to start around 60-65 MPH on the highway. Its a loud noticeable bass type vibration or humming...
  17. Boian

    Intermittent Acceleration D4d

    Help! An year ago there was something like intermittent acceleration on my 2001 D4d automatic Prado and the fix was SCVs. However this issue appeared again. I changed the SCVs again just in case, but its still the same. The acceleration hesitation and delay are most prominent when the car is...
  18. oldcarsmaniac

    Land Cruiser LJ78 Prado EX

    Just realised that I've never present my latest Toy here. It's a Land Cruiser LJ78 Prado SX, Winter spec, pretty stock, except the wheels (BFG 32/11.5/15 on some aftermarket alloys), I have some big plans for it, including an engine swap, suspension lift, a winch and some "expedition setup"...
  19. K

    1998 Prado Speedo failure = possible no MOT

    Hello all, A friend of mine has reached out looking for a "plate meter circuit" for his 98 Prado. I've searched the usual places and as a discontinued part, my best bet is a used piece. The part number I have is: 83861-60190, which is the full circuit board for the whole cluster, which on...
  20. Gasmanjc

    Hi From Aus

    Hi Guys Joined Hoping to get involved with a friendly forum! My name: Jay My Cruiser: 2010 150 Prado Kakadu - 70k Mods so far: ARB T15 Winch Bar 9" LED spot lights Rhino Aluminium Roof Platform 2.5 x 3.0 Awning 2" Lift Dobinsons front struts and springs, Airbag man bags in rear and oztec struts...
  21. G

    Landcruiser (Prado) 120 series, 2009, LC4 or LC5

    Hey there guys, I wanted a LC4 more than an LC5 if anyone has one for sale, must be an automatic and 2009 as its the last in the series before the newer model. If it has decent mileage that would help but I don't mind high miles if it has a reasonably good service history with it. Anyone...
  22. A

    Prado vs Land Cruiser

    This has probably been discussed over and over, but I'm looking at buying my first Land Cruiser. For a while I have been looking for a full size Land Cruiser GXL 105 series from around 2000, but there are so many Prados on the road down here in Australia that I would be stupid not to at least...
  23. MZ_prado

    VF4B transfer case compatibility and pictures

    Hi there. My VF4B transfer case, from my lc 120 (RZJ120; japanese model) as been broken. This is how it looks like right now: A useless wreck! :icon-cry: I live in a very remote outback district in Mozambique, and is very hard for me to get spares. Therefore, I've been trying to get my hands...