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SOLD-94 FZJ 70 For Sale in USA

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Original unrestored Land Cruiser LX in great condition. Looks like it had never been off road. 157,587 kilometers. New Cooper Discovery 32x11.5x15 tires on original wheels. Last year new clutch, brakes, carburetor, window regulators. Original equipment includes tilt steering wheel, power steering, power brakes, and air conditioning, 5 speed manual transmission, manual front lockers, 35 spline Dana 60 rear end. Only modifications are the substitution of a custom front bumper, 6" channel with tow slots allowing me to tow it with a Blue Ox tow bar and wired for towing. I didn't want to alter the original chrome bumper so it's stored on the shelf. Located in Tucson, Arizona. Asking $32,000. I know it's expensive. They are very rare in the USA, rarer in Left hand drive, and rarer still in excellent original unrestored low mileage condition. With all the capability and reliability of the old FJ 40 and modern upgrades a real collector. If interested please send me a PM with your phone # and I'll give you a call.
Selling because of my wife's heath. She's not able to climb up into it and finds the ride too hard. She's more important than the Toyota.


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