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The Royal Geographical Society Overland Travel Workshop


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Mar 1, 2010
Spotted this on The Hubb, seems like an interesting weekend for very little cost.



Sat/Sun May 29/30 Overland Travel Workshop - As last year, a weekend of talks, demos and displays on a wide range of overland topics. Tom Sheppard will be there talking on lessons learned from 50 years of desert travel, there will be lectures on Africa, Australia, E Europe and Scandinavia overland as well as remote area mechanical and medical skills and vehicle recovery. Cost £10 per vehicle.

The following workshops will be taking place throughout the weekend:

- Tom Sheppard – Lessons learned from 50 years of desert travel

- Remote area medical workshop

- Scandinavia and E Europe Overland

- Africa Overland

- Australia Overland

- Vehicle Preparation

- Bush and Wilderness Mechanic – a guide!

- Retracing “First Overland” – With 60 year old Land Rovers to India

- Emergency and medical provision on the trail

Location Terrington Hall School, York, YO60 6PR

More info. The RGS Overland Workshop
Nice one Matt.

Sounds like a good weekend and we'll be back from morocco by then ,looks like a must go.

Do you know if there is any limit on places and how to book? couldn't see it on website.

Here you go Tony

There is a form Here and and email address Here

I would love to go, but it's a long way for me but I'm still thinking about it :mrgreen:
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I went along last year, as did a few other ELCOers. I didn't camp, but really enjoyed the day listening to the speakers and poking around the stands and other people's cars. In fact, it was so inspiring that this year I can't go, because I'm in the UAE instead of Yorkshire. (Not sure if it was cause & effect or just coincidence though...)

Just bear in mind that it's heavily Land Rover biased, LR sponsor the RGS after all. The vast majority of people knew about and were interested in Landcruisers, but if the thought of listening to an old bigot on stage banging on about how useless "jap crap" is compared to his LR raises your blood pressure you might want to take a chill pill before you go. ;)
Likewise I went last year. The event was varied and well organised.

If planning to camp I suggest you get there early, as the site is not very big and I can imagine that they will be pretty over subscribed this year.
I too went last year, it was a great event, with lots of useful and informative speeches. If your interested in overland travel this is the event for you.

I camped last year as York's a bit far for a one day round trip, and one of my fleet has been captured in Paul's pic's above! The atmosphere was excellent and I made some good friends. Needless to say I've booked again for this year, which looks to be even better still, Tom Sheppard will be there! I hope to meet some of you guys there this year as well.