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Waeco 230v fridge


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Mar 1, 2010
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Been looking for a new fridge and found this. ... 5887f02194

I had a chat with the guy who sells me the inverters and he says as the inverters i've been getting are 95% efficient then using a 230/240v fridge off the inverter is almost as good as using a 12v one and these seem like they are half the price.
Just need to find out if it has the good compressor like the dear ones, my guy needs to see the label off this fridge to assess it.
I am looking at buying one each of these.
Strapped down to the back seats, opening out to each of the side doors.
Packing some additional foam sponge in places by the compressor to absorb any serious bumps.
other than that, they will be perfect for me. ... m=basefeed

and one of these ... -CZ51500-W

Running off the 2kW inverter I bought from you.
Hardly likely to overload, or overheat the inverter.

2 year warranty.

Hi Mat,

Thats nice, but some things I want to keep frozen, like meat, etc., and some things i just want chilled, like the drinks,

Almost 400.00 is not too cheap also, but probably good quality ?

There's a difference between cheap and reliable. Not talking about the one that 24seven posted but I would not go anywhere far with my frozen food in a £50 under-counter freezer. There is no knowing what the long-term vibration will do to it. You don't want to be in the middle of the sahara and have a £50 fridge brake on you. With or without a 2 year warranty. Rancid meat does not make a good food source. Waeco, Engel etc have all been proven over time.
I suspect the insulation on the under-counter fridges will do a sterling job when the ambient temperature is a lovely 25c. It might struggle though when it's 50?

A danger of being penny wise, pound foolish if you intending to go anywhere past the M25. :naughty:
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I think its two compartments refrigerator and freezer.

I don't know anything else about them, I just spotted them when looking at something else and the price seemed good even more so if it really can be a fridge and freezer at the same time.
I ran my waeco45 off a inverter, Used a load of power and had trouble keeping the inverter cool.

Last trip was 3 weeks and went for 12v feed and much better.