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water Pump 1Hz motor

Marius Uys

New Member
Jul 16, 2022
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HI All

Any advice on when to change a water pump on the 1Hz motor from a precautionary point of view ?
about to do timing belt and tensioner and wonder while I'm at it to just replace the Water Pump ?

From memory the service manual says every 100k km, although I do mine every time I change the timing belt. What is the milage on the truck? And when was it last done?

Like all preventative maintenance, it only costs you money and doesn't hurt to change it, so if you have the money, do it.
Yeah, exactly what Nick said. I change the pump with the belts, and do the belts at 50k miles.
Agree with others, it's an ideal opportunity to change the water pump while you're doing the other bits, especially if you don't know when it's last been done.