Wheel Sizes



The stock wheel Size on my 1996 FZJ80 is 16". I it possible to fit 15"
wheels on this year of an 80.
I have a vague recollection of reading somewhere that the Brake Calipers are
different from earlier models and rub against 15" wheels.
Does anyone know if this is correct
best regards


Hi Mark,
The 15" wheels won't fit over your calipers straight off, although I believe that you may be able to grind the corners off the calipers to get them to fit.
Why do you want to go down to 15" wheels ?


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Hi Julian,
Well I wont be grinding calipers.
I'm after a a set of steels and some bigger tyres and there are a few great
used bargains to be had with 33" BFG's on 15" wheels at the moment. This
would have solved 3 of my wants at the moment. Namely: new wheels, better
tyres and and a bit more road clearance. Ideally I would like some
285/75/16 or 305/70/16 AT's, but there just dont seem to any second hand
bargains around on ebay etc.at the moment. So I had been hoping I could go
the 15" route with 33" tyres which would have give me about an inch more
clearance than my current 275/70/16 tyres. I can't justfy buying a new set
of BFG's that will do 60,000 miles or more when I do about 2,000 miles a
year in my 80. So if there is a set of AT's out there with at least 4m left
on them let me know.
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