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    iwan's hdj81

    Yeah, Julian changed the bearings for me - the originals were in a pretty shocking state. I probably have them kicking around somewhere still - lots of wear. Good to know on the auto box - I did wonder if towing scaffolding could have contributed!
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    iwan's hdj81

    Hey Iwan - nice to see my old 81 getting some much deserved TLC :). Out of interest what the problem in the end with the auto box when you picked it up? When I sold it on as far as I was aware it was shifting fine - was a bit surprised when the buyer told me he was having problems with it.
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    120 series : 2004 3.0 D4D LC4 - £6.8k

    Thanks guys. I always thought it was > 8 seats that caused insurance issues, but when I bought my latest 80 (8 seater) I discovered that 8 (as opposed to 7) makes insurers suck their teeth. (Never had a single comment with the wife's 7 seater galaxy, but both insurers I've discussed the 80...
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    120 series : 2004 3.0 D4D LC4 - £6.8k

    Out of interest, do all the 120s come with the extra row of seats (unless removed) and are they technically 7 or 8 seaters?
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    Right. That's it. I have officially had enough and now I'm ...

    I have a 3mm 2400x1200 sheet lying around that was a PITA to shift when it was delivered. I wasn't here and the guy wasn't happy having to get it out of his van himself. I hate to think how much trouble a 1500x1000x10mm sheet'll be - somewhere around 150kg? I like your style though - won't be...
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    Anyone seen or know this 80?

    This one:
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    Obligatory first snow of the winter photo

    Don't you worry, it's still safely tucked up. Think that one's got ATs not MTs on it. It did seem desperate to join in the fun though ...
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    Obligatory first snow of the winter photo

    Jonnyboy - an update for you on the Galaxy with winter tyres. Snowed for a few hours this evening - a covering over the drive and the road outside. Took the opportunity to try out the winter tyres on the wife's Galaxy, comparing it to an 80. I'm impressed. My 80 with MTs (marked with M+S and...
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    Worth a look. Early 95 12v manual

    Pretty sure it's date of 1st registration, not date of import. Otherwise my J reg 80 would be a V reg. It's got factory fitted fogs and the rear row of seats, so don't think it's a Jap import. (There's a phone of the boot with the rear row of seats in, but all the other pictures the seats...
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    Obligatory first snow of the winter photo

    you should have a reply! (sadly not been able to use the galaxy in the white stuff yet, but fingers crossed for some more soon!)
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    Obligatory first snow of the winter photo

    And mid wales ... the view from my office: Already been out in it ... to get the wife's Galaxy's winter tyres fitted to the rims. Now need to swap the wheels over but not doing it in this :eusa-snooty:.
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    Insurance due, selling vehicle?

    You have a few choices: - Go for temp insurance. As already discussed, likely to be expensive. - You could re-insure the truck and then cancel the insurance when you've sold it. You should be able to claim something back for the unused period, but there'll be an admin fee, and/or you won't get...
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    Delivery by Interlink

    DPD and Interlink are owned by the same company (Geopost, part of La Poste). Can't see it doing real-time tracking around here, cos I assume it uses 3g to update the location (little mobile coverage at all nearby).
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    80 series - 1993 4.2TD VX Auto (Someone on here?)

    Could be this one: Same age, same colour, same mileage.
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    My pair of 80s

    I like having two 80s to myself :dance:. To be fair, though, the Galaxy is much faster, and a lot more fuel efficient. We do about 12k a year in that, which would be expensive in an 80!