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  1. D

    79 Series Reverse Light Switch Issue

    Hi Everyone, I’m the proud new owner of a 79 series DC V8. It’s a 2017 model that I imported from South Africa recently. Before import it had a new heavy duty clutch fitted. On arrival I’ve noticed the reverse lights don’t come on. I tested the bulbs etc and all work so I removed the switch from...
  2. RL12

    LJ70 Gearbox crossmember

    Hello all, I do offroad winch challenges and am looking for a new LJ70 gearbox crossmember so it's not as low. Couldn't see any off the shelf parts so will be designing & making it myself. To get the correct height does anyone know if the crossmember is supposed to be flat underneath? mine...
  3. A

    Hello from Guildford

    Hi Guys, I am new to this forum and in fact never been on forums before! Recently i have acquired a Land cruiser Colorado (KZJ95) 2002 / D4D engine AUTO; the guy who I got it off has put in a Hilux gearbox so the gears do not sync; you need to start on 2 then shift to D..i was wondering is it...
  4. haydenkay97

    Gear box & transfer advice !! Please help

    Hi guys! I have a 1992 dx 1hz, I bought it a few months ago, 3rd & 4th always grinds to go in, I always had to rev match it, & to put it in 4x4 mode was tough. Yesterday I broke down on the highway, it was grinding and felt horrible so I pulled over and turned the car off & started it a few...
  5. Jethro

    HJ60 gearbox needed

    I'm looking for a replacement gearbox for my G reg, HJ 60 manual truck. Anyone know of one or know of any other trucks that would have a compatible one? Many thanks
  6. CJ40

    Transfer Case Gear Lever...

    I am currently restoring a 1974 FJ40. This is not mint build, I am using some after market customizations. I have made a new transfer case gear lever knob, but I need to know what the thread size is to put the new one on. Thank you for all the help and have a great day!
  7. TravelToy

    HZJ78 - Engine number / gearbox identification

    Anyone know where I can find the engine number on a 1HZ engine ? Also, is there a way to identify what gearbox is mounted ? I'm looking into a 2001 HZJ-78 Chris.
  8. Ricky_UK

    5 Speed box

    All, Looking for advice or the pro's and cons of upgrading to a 5 speed gearbox for my FJ40. I'm new to the Land cruiser arena and want to make sure i'm making the right moves and decisions as i work through the project. I've read online that people tend to use the H55F or the NV4500. Does...
  9. M

    Persistent Gearbox Leak

    Hi All, I have a persistent oil leak which is coming from the front of the gearbox on my 1990 HZJ75 Troop Carrier, H55F gearbox. I've now pulled the gearbox 4 times to try and find the source of the leak and fix it. the leak is showing up at the bottom of the bell housing. So far I have...
  10. M

    URGENT!!!! Cooked auto box

    Hi there, I urgently need advice from other 80 owners. Before you read further please be advised that I currently do no yet own the vehicle, I have only got a deposit on it. Between my deposit going down and the arranged date of picking it up, I received a concerning phone call saying...
  11. A

    Push the buttom but won't engage 4 wheel drive

    She won't engage into 4 wheel drive. When I press the button i can hear relays switch and The vacuum switches under the bonnet start to do something but no light comes on on the dash and does not go in gear. could it be the diaphragm that is conected to the gear box. is this a common fault...
  12. Simon5030

    Gearbox Concern

    Hi all, my first post so go easy on me!:icon-biggrin: Just purchased a lovely 2005 LC4 D-4D Auto, few niggles i am working through but could use a little help The gear selector in P does not appear to be sprung loaded from side to side, so it has a little play there, moving to D runs fine and...
  13. A

    Gearbox Oil Change

    60 Series 1986 LandCruiser 5 Speed Manual I can see where you drain the gearbox oil, but i cant find where your ment to put the oil in, and how do you check the oil in the gearbox. Any help would be appreciated Thanks