4x4 stuck



hi can any one help me i have a 1995 t.l.c. 4.2 and it feels like the difflocks have stuck in ?has anybody got ant ideas ?it seems to struggle to go round a corner at low speeds nearly cuts out ?and i have also lost second gear going down through the box ?but parked second gear is available ?any suggestions or ideas or anybody that has suffered the same symptoms please please mail me as my baby is poorly and im not happy best regards mark c.


You don't give us much information. Are all three locks stuck?, or only
one? What makes you think they are stuck? If the centre coupling is stuck
(very unlikely) then you can hear it groaning when you are on a tight turn
on tarmac. Second is to check the electrical connections to the diff lock
controls. Try jacking up the rear end and operate the lock like that, just
to make sure it is stuck in. Please leave the other two out while you do
this, and chock the front wheels both ways.
Although not so much a problem with manual boxes, have you changed the
gearbox oil?
Clive Marks
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Hi Markus
Is the diff switch on the dash pressed in, is the light on the dash on or flashing.
If so just press the switch again, drive a little and turn the steering wheel and it should disengage.
cheers john 92HDJ80 1HDT
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