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Another hello from Australia


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Jun 25, 2016
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Hi there everyone. I am a 70 year old retired gent from Melbourne. I have owned my 1991 HDJ80 for about 16 years (second owner) but until now I haven't had a lot of time to put many miles on it. It currently has about 214,000 km (about 133,000 miles) on the clock so it is hardly run in. It is a 4.2 litre Turbo Diesel, 5 speed manual and has a 2" lift using Pedders suspension, dual batteries, Safari snorkel, UHF, cruise control, on-board ARB compressor (no lockers - yet), Screen with CD/DVD/TV/MP3/radio/reversing camera, extended diff breathers, cargo barrier, roll bar, GPS, HD tow bar with a 50x50mm receiver hitch, alloy bull bar, full length ARB steel roof rack, rooftop tent and an awning. I have 16" wheels and tyres to go on to replace the standard 15" ones and will then upgrade the brakes to 1994 standard or better with the bigger disc rotors and calipers.

I'm not interested in hard bush bashing and stick to the tracks (although there are some interesting "tracks" in Australia) but I use the vehicle mainly for exploring VIC and ACT high country and some runs to the nearer outback. I've done some trips to the "corner country" where NSW, QLD and SA meet and a little beyond but have not done any Simpson crossings or anything like that. I hope to get up to Cape York (northern tip of QLD) before I get much older. I was in the Air Force for many years so I have been to most of Australia - just not overland.

I like the look of your site mainly because I like technical articles and having a source of knowledge from which to get information when you get stuck.

Welcome and looks like you know what you want from your truck, when you can post some pictures, they are always appreciated by those of us in colder northern climates ;)
Welcome to the club Bruce. :thumbup:

I miss the High Country, such an amazing place to explore in a 4wd! :icon-biggrin:
Welcome to the forum Bruce, great intro BTW

Photos are always welcome on here buddy :thumbup:
Yes, as the above have said, welcome and great intro. Pics always appreciated, the more the better. Sounds like you've done the upgrades and she's a keeper :thumbup:.