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ASFIR underbody protection


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Apr 16, 2010
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was looking at TBR website at lunchtime, pondering new accessories -

they list:

Toyota Prado, front skid plate
Toyota Prado transfer/gear skid plate, 4 door
Toyota Prado gear skid plate
and a fuel tank skid plate

I understand these:
Toyota Prado, front skid plate
Toyota Prado transfer/gear skid plate, 4 door
fuel tank

but what is the:
Toyota Prado gear skid plate and how is it different from the transfer/gear skid plate?
Short wheelbase Andy. Went through that kerfuffel with TBR wen I needed them for Lil Blue. We did get it right but only after hours of debate.

There are only three plates. Front, middle and tank. But they say that the middle is different for the shortie and that the tank skid doesn't fit the swb either. No idea why.

aha - so the "Toyota Prado gear skid plate"

is for SWB and
equivaent as this part for LWB:
Toyota Prado transfer/gear skid plate, 4 door

they would make life simpler if they listed it:
Toyota Prado transfer/gear skid plate, 4 door

Toyota Prado gear skid plate, 2 door


is TBR only place to source these easily?
They did used to say that Andy. Trevor and I worked it out and changed the titles but as the UK website has vanished, so have the more accurate listings. Did you all know that TBR has upped sticks from Harwich and landed in Peterborough? I am planning to drop in tomorrow.

TBR is the beast easiest option for ASFIR yes. But I really feel that making a steel one would be so easy that I would not consider buying theirs at that price.

aye they do seem quite pricey..

are you making your own stuff for GW?

when... i eventually get round to ordering steel for rock sliders, i will have to check out prices for cuts of 3mm steel sheet to make underbody protection to see how it compares with ASFIR prices
i wont be able to bend steel sheet though, so would have to make all sorts of brackets and spacers to fit...
If 'someone' can get me a drawing, I can get you a price ;)
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Gav will ping you drawings when I can find the scan I did of them. These would be SWB so there might need to be some adjustment for LWB. In simple terms, the 90 plates are flat. Other than a bit of profiling and a bend at the front they are a very simple beast. The OEM one is all curvy and clever because it's tin and needs those bends to strengthen it. A very simple bracket at the front and a shallow bend up to meet it is all that is needed. If I made one, I would just slit the plate, bend by hand and then weld it up again. It only needs to be 3mm. Of course 4mm would be bomb proof.


Metals4U has 1m x 1m 3mm steel sheet for £50.

I'm sure my 115A stick welder would be up to the job.. :think:
FIFTY QUID. Blimey I'm in the wrong business.

Please don't pay those sorts of prices. That is the equivalent of going to B&Q to buy welding rods. Go to a local steel stockholder and rummage through their remnants section. I doubt that I'd pay more than a fiver for that. For bar, tube, angle and box, I pay 85p per kilo. A 7 meter piece of 20mm box is about £6 delivered.
These people are robbing unsuspecting punters.

My local place will charge for cutting but it's peanuts. I reckon that with an accurate drawing, I'd just have them profile a section for me with their plasma machine. If my bumper turns out well I might get them to price the pieces for me, precision cut so that all I have to do is weld them up - if someone wanted one.

yup - i got some prices from local stockholders and compared to metalsrus a while ago

20x20x2mm box = £6 for 7.5m at local place

and same with other types of steel - the web place was 3-4x more pricey!
Gav Peter said:
If 'someone' can get me a drawing, I can get you a price ;)

only to see. if i were u i wouldnt buy.. ... fr&num=255 inox 304 2.5mm
use aluminum 5052

i prefer aluminum than steel..for many reasons..

8mm x 1250 x 2500 fortal 930 euro per plate (is the same with 7075)
8mm x 1500 x 3000 7075 1331 -''-
6mm x 1250 x 2500 5052 318 -''-
5,7mm x 1250 x 2500 5186 475 -''-
5,7mm x 1400 x 2500 5186 550 -''-

7075 starts from 8mm and up
most construction companies use cheap and good for the reasons that we want
fracture 580 Mpa
yield 510 ?pa
hardness brinell 180