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Battery charger/alternator facts



I have read with great interest the debate about batteries and starting
problems and it has occurred to me that something worth looking at is
the earthing connection to the chassis, as all the electrical gizmos on
cars have to be earthed to the body. It is also worth remembering that
the engine sits on rubber mounts and as the alternator & starter are
bolted to the engine the earth strap between engine and chassis is very
important, as is the connection between battery and body.
A tip:- clean battery terminals with a weak solution of bicarb of soda &
water to defur them, then reassemble with a smear of Vaseline, also
check the cell levels & top up with distilled water to keep the plates
Well that=92s my bit said, trouble free motoring to you all
Regards. Dick Valentine Rugby LC 120
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a passing motorist is usually my last resort, i normally make a call to
see if anyone is nearby :) but a decent booster pack is handy to have,
the other side of the coin is i'll only get caught out once and i wont
let the battery go dead again,. or if it is a dead cell, battery gets
replaced, 069's are only about 60 euro now. i guess im taking the simple
approach to this.