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Delta rear panhard rod correction

What lift are you running? A lot of us are running about on +2" without correction brackets.
Ive not measured it since having new dampers and springs fitted, but its around 2" or 3". I do have an adjustable panhard rod. But the way it all works, even with the adjustable rod, the geo will still not be quite right. Maybe I am over thinking it!
If her bum wobbles with just a 2" lift it clearly needs new panhard and trailing arm bushes .

Even an adjustable panhard rod is a bit of an overkill because once its adjusted you may as weld it so it can't be adjusted again . Was going to cut and weld mine but as far as i can tell the alteration would be so miniscule as to make no difference .

I will probably cut extend and weld it if i go up 4" at the rear .
Agreed Shayne - I'be making sure that all the bushes are good etc, before thinking about messing about with a relocation bracket.
All the bushes are either new or in good condition. I'm not wanting to do it because its driving bad. Just liked the idea of things being in their original position even after it's been lifted.
But the weight of opinion here seems to be that it's not that much of an issue.

I'll save my money for other things!
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On second thoughts buy it , decide you don't need it , and donate it to me .

Its a nice bit of bling :thumbup:
Haha, Delta do make a lot of very nice products. The guys in the states are well provided for in the after market stuff for landcruisers!