DPF problems on Hilux and Prado


I am in scotland
Jan 29, 2011
I've been reading about DPF problems on Hilux and Prados from 2015 onwards. It is a problem apparently in Australia and I wondered if anyone in the UK knows if it is a problem here.


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I am in uk
Jan 3, 2016
Northern Ireland
60k and haven't had any problems with the dpf here either however I do look after it in some way by waiting for it to complete a burn before I turn the car off.
It's easy to know when it's doing a burn because on the 150 the rpm at idle goes up and down, when it does a dpf burn the idling rpm is slightly higher and there is no fluctuations.
When I notice it I just go for a drive around the block till the rpm returns to fluctuating.
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I am in guyana
Jan 28, 2011
Milton keynes
I think the whole DPF problems come down to how you drive the vehicle. They need long runs occasionally to convert deposits into ash. Apparently poor fuel can also cause clogged DPF's. On the VW forum, America suffers more DPF related issues than Europe. I'm assuming Europe has better diesel, just like the petrol.


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I am in europe
Feb 24, 2010
Chesterfield, Derbyshire
It also comes down to the manaufacturer. I had a Vx Antara. On the face of it quite a nice 4x4. But problems, Jeez. More problems with one car than proabably every car I've ever owned added up together.

Std phrase at customer service counter - Morning, yep DPF again please. I used to be on thr Antara forum. Their list of COMMON faults dwarfed our entire website.

Just buy the Hilux


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I am in great_britain
Jun 17, 2019
Kettering, Northamptonshire
I watched a John Cadoggan (speeling?) video about this problem in Aus, he was really ripping Toyota to shreds about it.

He seemed bemused that Toyota had fitted a manual regen button following problems encountered by customers, which i thought was a good compromise idea, if you've just started a decent journey perhaps the first long run for a week you know thats the time to given the car a regen, the 'puter doesn't know you are doing a different trip that day and it might trigger regen just as you are about to shut off if left to its own devices, best of both worlds far as i can see.

I have the facility to stop a regen on my lorry if one starts at an inopportune time...i drive a blower tanker and it wouldn't be a brilliant idea to have an extra hot exhaust outlet next to explosive atmospheres, and i can trigger static regen if needs be but haven't needed to in 180k, so Mr T has put their system as close to proper trouble free lorry systems as possible, well done Toyota.
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