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Engine oil etc



So what's COSTCO ? And if its a cheap place to buy gear, is there one near
Watford or Guildford for when I am next back in UK ?
Magnatec - even here in Bosnia they advertise it as a semi-synthetic.
Something on the lines that the 'synthetic' part being like 'magnetic' and
keeping a film on the bearing shells to reduce warm-up wear. Hence the
name, even little 'ol me can understand that much from the local TV
adverts. ('Boutros Boutros Ghali' et al).
I use the old fashioned Castrol 'TXT Sofitec' fully synthetic, and am very
pleased with it. About 80 quid for oil and filter change (MAN) - which is a
good price here.
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus in Bosnia - where we got another 20ins of snow
Friday/Saturday morning, and running out of places to shovel the damn stuff to.