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Funny how life throws you those little curve balls isn’t it? Ho hum.

Hopefully they are gone now ... but think of them as hic cups after a curry or a couple of pints :)
Yes they're gone. I only have to take the steroids for three days so once they're gone so should the hiccups.
Next thing is my teeth will fall out, nails come off, lose my hair, bleed from the eyes etc
Not with steroids afaik. But your balls will shrink and you'll get man boobs....:innocent:
Hi Chris.

I haven't logged in for a while. and then when i do i see this!! i wish you well and keep up with that super positive attitude and kick cancer in the butt.
Blimey Chris... Outstanding effort sir, hope all is still pointing in the right direction for you!
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Hey Gav! How are ya mate? Long time long time. Hey, I know what a s****er eh. well it is what it is. I'm OK. Chemo starting to stack up a bit now. Sort of cumulative. No energy or strength which when you're trying to do stuff is a bit of a killer. Still, overland show this weekend. Time for some R&R. And hoepfully some spicy chicken wings
There are spicy and non spicy...sauce is slightly different as jack daniels was on offer and sold out, so we're debuting jack daniels honey bbq sauce :)
Just got here…sorry for being late. Keep that ‘glass half full’ attitude Chris. As Churchill said “You never can tell whether bad luck may not after all turn out to be good luck.”
He also said “If you're going through hell, keep going”.

You have the same fighting spirit thank you for sharing it with us
I am struck with awe.
I feel so sad, yet I pray you turn up the heat, and wipe this dreadful affliction from you.
I really struggle to find something to say, but wishing you all my energy over to you, to help you beat it.

Cheers Graham. I'm just treating it like I don't have it. Until I know more after the next round of Chemo, there's nothing in the world I can actually do. The staff are very encouraged by my blood results and how they've dropped from clinically dead to doing OK for a fat bloke. The side effects are managable now that they've reduced the levels of toxic chemicals they're pumping into me. So it's all good really. Just need toget this covid nonsense done with and finish the Chemotorture and we can get travelling again with a bit of luck.
Just caught up here after hearing about it on the other thread.
Keep smiling and laughing in the face of the ugly thing Chris, by the looks of things you're doing a fantastic job at fending off the feker in the hood with the curvy blade.
Well if you stop laughing, you simply stop living. Ha ha ha, uggh. Only kidding, still here.
Now’t to do with the subject, but going through the comments on a random YouTube vid the other day, someone rounded off a string of banter with… “where would we be in this world, if we didn’t have a sense of humor…”.
the next post simply said “France”.

Made I chuckle.

Hope all is going as well as we all hope Chris. Everything is crossed this end, keep up your spirits as best you can buddy.
Thanks Clive. Well finished round one but unfortunately the treatment caused multiple blood clots in my lungs. So now I have to have 2 injections a day. What fun.
Keep your head up Chris, only way forward. Wishing you all the best mate.
Jeez mate - that was a shock to read.

I’m very happy to see your last post was yesterday and still full of your trademark optimism and humour!

Once you beat this I hope to see you leading a convoy to Georgia and visiting us here at a little overlanding haven we are hoping to do here. It’s not that much further than Romania
Oh I'm still very much alive Grant, fear not. Struggle at times but hopefully once these toxic chemicals have fully left my system I'll be jumping around like 70 year old. Which will be annoying as I'm not even 60 yet.