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Funny how life throws you those little curve balls isn’t it? Ho hum.

Hey Chris, absolutely terrible news mate, hopefully as some others have found on here it will be lot longer than the time stated, hopefully we can meet up at one the events soon and share a beer or two (or anything you prefer), let me know if there is anything whatsoever I can help with.
Don't really know what to say, that others haven't said already.

Chris, you've touched and positively impacted more people in this community than you can ever imagine. The messages in this thread alone attest to that.

More than happy to help, in any way I can.

Sending best wishes to you and your family.
Well, it's never over until it's over Chris. The experts have been wrong before and it'll not stop them trying everything in their arsenal but you can't just ignore what they say. Huge respect to you for taking a pragmatic view, putting your family first and thinking of their future. As you know I'm quite local so add my name to the list of hands available for anything.
Oh Dear, that's not good news. It hits hard when its someone you (sort of) know and admire. Chris, you are the cornerstone of this little community and your knowledge, good common sense and humour keep us all in order ( :icon-wink: ). I fully understand the need to clear out the 'man stuff' as I have a mountain of stuff that means something to me, but not the rest of the family. I'm sure the group will relieve you of that worry.

As has been said, we are not machines and the Doctors' estimates can be wrong. Keep the spirits up and fight it, we are all wishing you well.

This is horrible news and I wish you my best going forward.

I’m not active of this forum much but over the years I’ve found many of your posts useful and informative.

P.s don’t sell your 80 to the cruiser king lol
Again thanks chaps and a huge shout to Mr Lomas who spent a wet Sunday morning helping me to sort out the overland 80 in preparation for fitting its new wings. Heroic stuff - whilst I sat there looking helpless.
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I've been trying since yesterday to write a reply on here. Words have never been my strongest point especially the right ones at the right time. As others have said so many times if theres anything we can help with however big or small. Push on mate. On a lighter side you must be one of the few to ever see Andy break a sweat eh.....
Thank you Gav. That's very kind of you. I know it can be difficult to say the right things at times, which is why we make it as light hearted as we can. Some find it odd, but others find it opens the door for them to join in. Someone tried to sell me an extended warranty on something the other day. Ha ha you should have seen his face .
Have clicked on the write your reply button more times than I care to mention and each time meaningful or worth while words have eluded me....
We've never met apart from in the ether of the internet and now possibly never will .....
You are and will continue to be an inspiration to many ....all the best and it's not good bye yet....
It's shit news but is a measure of the man you are the way you are dealing with it....
Asking for a friend......what size boots are you... ? ;-)
Gutted Chris and echo what others say. You have helped so many of us with our Toyotas over the years And some great humour,
And you went to a lot of effort many years ago and sleuth work to track me down when I was still on on “other landcruiser” site wondering where everyone else had gone And pointed me to this site.
glad I’ve met you in person and had a cuppa whilst buying some bits off you - including an alternator which turned out to save our morocco trip, when the one in truck failed day before we departed on trip - the spare I got off you was sitting on shelf ready to fit.
hoping the docs are wrong. And I admire your attitude.
Truly gutted to read your post mate, I can only echo what others have already written. Not seen you for a while and if I can help out I will mate. Not a million miles away.
I'm doing the York to Reading run early March so even if it's transporting a few bits/coming to drink your coffee.

What I'm taking from this though, you want to sell it all now so the missus doesn't sell it for what you told her it cost!
If you've got a 1.5x2m awning in stock ;)

Bugger me there's a lot of dust getting in the eyes :icon-cry:
I’m not one to post much, but feel for you and your family…… if I can ever do something just let me know.
As with everyone who will and has commented here this is not what we wanted to hear, never mind you. All I can do is wish you comfort and peace and thank you for your inspiration and knowledge in the short time I’ve been an inmate here
Hey Chris. Awful news. Don't know what to say. The way you're facing this is a real inspiration. Stay strong and keep on going.
You are a true gent with a wealth of knowledge that you are always ready to share and you always ready to lend a hand. As others have said, you are a cornerstone of this community. Hope to meet soon - there are drinks to be drunk and wood to burn.
Give me a shout if there is anything I can help with - I'm not far.
Best wishes to you and your family from Ginta and myself.
chris, ive maybe met you three times, but you are one of them characters that leaves a lasting impression, in a good way.
you will leave a lasting legacy with the people that have met you, and the folk that havnt met you who are on this forum. there are not many people who can say that..
i wish you peace and comfort in your final months, and my thoughts are with your family.

Bought a GSA 1250 not long ago Bob. Got to sell the Triumph asap then the BMW once I've run out of puff for riding.