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Funny how life throws you those little curve balls isn’t it? Ho hum.

Chris, I was given few days by doctors in 2007, not cancer though. Was put on right place at right time and with friends n family support, I am here.
Carry on with your plans without thinking of these deadlines. That day will come for all of us so don’t worry about it.
Will see u soon
What to say Chris! First time I looked on the forum in a few weeks exactly the time you posted this.

Good luck on your journey. Wherever it may take you.
It’s a given Chris if you need anything lifting, shifting or towing let us now. More than willing to give you a hand.
Never met you Chris but man hugs go out to you fella. Admire your positive (if that's the right word) attitude.
Devastating news, Chris. Like a dealer at the school gates you got me in to this whole thing and it will never be the same without you. Emma sends her love too. She said it took her a while to work out that you weren't a complete knob and now she wishes she had spent more time with you. Let me know if I can help out with anything.
Ive said it before and Ill say it again F**k F**k F**k... I just dont know what else I can say.

I have so many great memories (and photos) of out little Russian foray.... Inga Mud, Mivi mix, chicken pork, a little sampling of the local brew, to name a very few.

It was a privilege travelling with you.

I might even make it one of my to do's to go back & hunt down your missing wheel arch.

Wish I had saved just one more one of those cigarellos.

Me & many others will only agree, your knowledge, advice & enthusiasm on all things landcruiser is second to none

Just remember, 'Chips were good'!!

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Chris, you are an amazing person, generous with your time and advice with so much to give. This is an absolute shocker, I have no words.

Our paths crossed all those years ago when I took Lil'Blue off your hands, for lets be honest not much money. I've not seen you for a while, but certainly have fond memories of camping and fireside conversations, including your warm arse trick with the camping chairs and coals.

Only Bambi will be pleased with this outcome. Anything I can do, please just shout.
They were indeed good chips Andy.

Well thanks everyone and for all of the offers that have already come in behind the scenes. I knew you guys would rise to the challenge. Some of the small stuff can be taken care of at any time but the big ticket items really do need sorting. For those of you who know me, I've never bought cheap kit and it's always been looked after. So if it appears on here rest assured it's worth having. I've not gone yet and as some have said, I might be here in years to comee saying hah they got that really wrong didn't they!

Of course I'll be wanting all of my kit back .....
We met you only once Chris, at one of the alternative Lincomb camp do‘s near Bracknell, when we were on one of our rare UK visits … you were just as I had imagined from the many exchanges we‘ve had in posts and pms on the forum, always helpful, but with a wicked streak that I rightly took to be your special brand of humor. I always imagined we’d meet up again, but alas…
It’s hard to imagine anything worse than the news of your struggle with your illness, but this one is truly deeply moving.
I can’t offer any help, being almost 3,000km away, and I can’t offer any words other than a string of expletives - and I guess they’ve already been used up by yourself.
So frustrating.
Keep up the fight matey, our thoughts are with you - this end.
Oh man.

In what I can imagine is the hardest part of life, I have so much respect for you to 'just be Chris' about it. If and in whatever way I can help, happy to.
OMG!! I'm deeply saddened and heart broken to hear this news Chris. You're an awesome fella only meeting you once sadly, a big part of this amazing forum. Best wishes to you and the family.
Well b**ger the big C again! Sorry (sadly not surprised) to hear the news Chris. Like others the post we all hoped never to see. I’ve been lucky enough to be helped out by you and had the pleasure of knowing you… I hope that continues well past the doc’s ‘use by’ date.

Don’t like to be in the circling pack but as you have put it out there I’m sure I need some kit for my next build and would rather put money in your coffers. Snomaster for starters…I am without any transport for a while otherwise I’d be happy to help however I can.

Thank you for sharing this with us all and for everything else too, you will definitely form part of the Land Cruiser Legend….but I really hope it isn’t this soon.
The cliché of life being a rollercoaster hit me hard reading your post Chris.. in the space of 20 minutes I heard great news from a chap I know who, along with his wife had been having major trouble trying for a baby.. and then I read your composed, jarring and honest message.

You have inspired me on here many times without ever knowing it, or knowing me, and for that I thank you wholeheartedly.

I'll stick on a pint for you in my local.
CHRIS Six months is just a number which you can with your attitude double and double again and again sod the lot of us we will just have to buy new stuff got new tyres well wear them out you got your Hi lux put half a million miles on it use your kit get the best out of it plan your next trip and we will all tag along
Chris, Julie and I are just knocked sideways with that news!
There's some horrible people in this world, who contribute absolutely nothing to society..... yet you get dealt this hand..... that's just so WRONG.!!!
And they say there's a *"*^* God!!
Sorry Chris, for once I'm actually struggling with what's the right thing to say!...... all I've got is:
Our thoughts are with ya Chris.
You've really inspired me over the years with this 80 addiction and I thank you for that... . I know you've family in my neck of the woods and it goes without saying, anything I can do.
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Again, just repoomding to the latest post folks, it's heartening to know I've not be a complete twat all my life then. I'd so much rather let stuff go out into thos community for good prives than try to get every last penny from someone I don't know. The thought of kit being used for its intended purpose gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. We will get a list up. I just need to get stable here at this end and find a bit of consistency with medication and whatnot then I'll get the stuff listed. There is of course, to point out the obvious, a flaming great big silver 80 series ready to rock around the world!
What can anyone say other than respect for telling it like it is and focusing on what needs to be done . To go on living is not really a choice so wishing you many laughs in the future .