got me a chainsaw today


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I am in scotland
Apr 16, 2010
Old Rayne, Aberdeenshire
been after one for a while, finally got a chainsaw - a real blokes powertool!

petrol Husqvarna 353 - a 50cc and 15" bar, more a professional saw than a general gardening one

took a while to decide between the equivalent Stihl and this one

not the cheapest of chainsaws, but i wanted a quality one that would last, after been let-down by cheaper powertools recently
got the safety boots and trousers, helmet etc to go with it.
have used them before, now need to get some more logs

anyone on here got a husqvarna?

Gav Peter

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I am in england
Mar 1, 2010
The Wirral, NW Ingerland
I have/had an old Stihl 035 but it needs a new piston & cylinder kit according to my local chap - it was magnificent while it turned the chain...

Gat a Makita toy to replace it in the short term... Nowhere near the same league :(

Enjoy the Husky :mrgreen:

Derek J

Active Member
May 8, 2010
Belfast NI
I have a mixture of Stihl and Huskies. Both great makes.

Not sure of your experience with them but I would recomend a chainsaw operators course. I was a very experienced user and still learnt loads.

The course covered all from safety to maintenance.
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Sep 7, 2010
I sell Stihls, repair Huskies and others.
Stihl certified chainsaw nut!

Best bit of safety advice: Use your chain brake whenever its not cutting.

Best bit of mechanical advice: Use the recommended oils and let it breathe for a minute after a full throttle cut.

And the mother of all chainsaw wisdom!
Dull chains don't cut :mrgreen:

Otherwise enjoy your purchase.


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Apr 30, 2010
i use a mix of sthil & husky but i feel that sthil are now a better product - anyone remember husqvarnas attempt at making a top handle saw after sthil brought out the 020? i still use a husky 262 xp that is 15 (fifteen) years old & it is still a great saw
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