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Heading to Central Asia and back in 2013


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Aug 4, 2012
Hello Everybody,

I've been following and using this forum for a while now. Finally though I have my Landruiser 80 registered in my name, so I thought I'd introduce myself formally.

I'm driving through Central Asia this year in a 1994 Toyota Landcruiser VX Auto 80 series. I depart in early April. Details of my expedition are my website:

Julian Voeckler has prepared my Landcruiser called Boris for me. The LC has some history as it was the first LC that Julian prepared with he started Overland Cruisers.

I'm looking to some driver training for expeditions before I go in April. Does anybody have any recommendations for a trainer down south? I'm based in London.

Thanks to everybody for there help getting this far.




  • Jon Beardmore Vehicle M758 RVY from side.JPG
    Jon Beardmore Vehicle M758 RVY from side.JPG
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    Jon Beardmore Vehicle M758 RVY from front.JPG
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Welcome to the forum jon

your cruiser looks the business i hope you have wonderful trip

sorry can't help you about the off road driving training but i'm sure someone from the forum will point you in the right direction

Hi Jon,

What a great looking truck :clap:

I am sure Boris will be more than up for an adventure trip.
I am guessing By "Central Asia" you might be Mongolia bound?

Please post up the ideas in your head so we can have a play with them. :lol:

Hi Jon,
Hello and welcome.

If you haven't already it would be worth having a read of this book

I'm quite jealous of where you are currently at. I'm in the very early stages (hopefully) of where you're at now.

Hi All,

Thanks for the kind welcome.

I'm found a place to do some training down in Sussex. I'll be getting Boris nice an dirty as I learn some of the fine points of off road driving.

Gra, I'm not actually going to Mongolia. Everywhere else though.

Grant, I read the overlander handbook last year when i was trying to figure out what vehicle was required. Its a good read.

Hi Jon, glad you finally got sorted. I shall say no more.
Hope the trip goes to plan.


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Hi All,

It's been a while as I have been on the busy on the road. I've completed my journey eastwards I am now in Kolkata waiting to for Boris to be released from customs so I can return west to the UK.

To celebrate completing the first 3 legs (of 5) I've just release my first expedition film trailer. I thought you might like to see it. I'd be interested to hear any feedback on the trailer.

Here is the link to the blog that went with the clip.


Great video. Really sets the mood.

Was it both fuel tanks that sprung a leak? What caused the break down a couple of days before you set off?
Hi Grant,

The main fuel tank developed a crack that took a few attempts to fix. Finally welded a patch to fix it in China.

The water pump went on the way out to Overland Cruisers for the final pre-expedition. It nearly fried the engine when it overheated. Fortunately it was o.k but it caused a delay. We also had a frustrating time with the torque converter as it kept leaking oil. We never fully fixed it and I've had to deal with a slow oil leak along the way. Hasn't really been a major problem to be fair.