Hitch Extender with Bike Rack


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Feb 11, 2017

I am seeking some advice please.

I use a hitch (2 inch) mounted bike carrier.

I have a 200 series and the tailgate can not be opened with the bike carrier attached.

I would like to buy a hitch extender to solve my problem.

Can anyone make a recommendation please as to where I might look ? I am after a quality product.

Many thanks


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I am in romania
May 23, 2012
Comarnic, Romania
Presumably, you're talking about not being able to open the upper hatch of the tailgate. How much clearance do you need?

Tow ball mount aluminum spacers are easy to find and they generally go up to 2". You'll need to use 2" longer mounting bolts but they are easy to find too.

If that's not enough to cure the problem, then you'll need to re-think your carrying set-up.

There are bike racks designed for use with receiver hitches down they're available with extendable arms enabling you to slide the bike rack away from the rear of the vehicle for access purposes.

They can be expensive though and you'll need to install a square receiver mount in the tow bar. You can then use a ball hitch receiver if you need to tow a trailer.

Do an eBay search for tow bar accessories, you'll find lots of combinations available.
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