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Ian Rubie


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Sep 9, 2012
Just like to say, if you need Toyota genuine parts, Ian is the man
I needed some CV Joint Boots for my axle rebuild, he had some and the pricing was advantageous, to be honest he was much more helpful than my local main agent
Just thought you all should know
Can he do all genuine parts? ;)

Which local dealers have you tried as all the ones in Soton area seem to be useless. Just paid £19 for an oil filter and when i replied "how much!" he said that loads of people still go there for filters as they are sure they are the cheapest, even cheaper than the aftermarket ones!!!!
Huge pinch of salt i think, i then said not to bother doing the quote on the wheels, gear knob and stereo mounting. :twisted:
Paul said:
Can he do all genuine parts?

I can get most parts. I import the parts that I sell and bring them in using air freight. The savings are best on small, light, high value items such as diff lock actuators - these are typically 50% of UK dealer. Things like starter motors or body panels are not economical due to air freight costs.

I try to hold a small stock of things, the import process takes 7 - 10 days.

I am not a dealer, I am not in it to make a living, it is just something I do in my spare time.


And very well you do it, too Ian. My plan is to eventually to replace all the parts of my 90 so that I can re register it in 2011 as being brand new! I'm not doing too bad so far.

I had some window rubbers from Ian,

Super fast delivery at a good price, will contact him again when I want other bits
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Thank you Ian. Excellent fella, top service, great prices, fast delivery.

You could teach Toyota a thing or two.

I'll second, third and fourth that. Top man.

Toyo UK need to get a grip on their prices. £18+ for an oil filter is just daft.
Funnily enough i bought a filter from yota yesterday for my 80. £12 + vicious added tax
I recommend Ian too,
sorted out a new rear difflock actuator for me very quickly in the winter. and I had the replacement on the truck in time to use it in the snow

Just bought a set of starter contacts for my 80 from Ian, excellent service.
Thanks to Ian for my genuine U/j's excellent service and i even fitted them today cheers.

More kudos for Ian - all my bits for the suspension upgrade and rear door project have arrived safely and at attractive prices for OEM kit :clap: :clap: :bow-yellow:
Might as well as my thanks to Ian to this thread too. My parts to fix Lil'Blue arrived sharpishly and at a very good price! Thanks Ian :clap:
Well I have had the odd few bits and pieces from him. He's alright I suppose.

Ha Ha. And they said that Eric Clapton was God. Ian's an absolute life saver. :bow-yellow:

To add my 5 cents, it's not just that Ian goes so far out of his way to give you genuine useful information on any job you're attempting, but that he always supplies exactly what you need, not just what the manual says.. That makes a huge difference (the extra bits that arrive in the packages are an added bonus :) )
I've rebuilt my front left and right axle using Rubie parts and have everything ready to do the BEB's and rear axle. In fitting my truck out for a 99 day Africa crossing, Ian is at the very top of my list of helpful people [as well as Andrew P and you too Gav with all the big parts :cool: ]

The very highest recommendation possible from my side - and thanks for helping organise Lincomb again Mr Rubie! :dance:
Ian Rubie: the very highest recommendation possible.
He is effective, fast, cheap and very kind.
Was a pleasure to deal for my front axle rebuild parts.
Thanks again.