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Kids Motocross


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Mar 1, 2010
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Looking to get my 6 year old nephew into motocross, or just off roading as just been offered a cheap bike for him in very good order.
Been going through the usual sources like ebay for all the gear but wondered if there was any advice i need before going ahead with it all.
Like get his mum to not hit you over the head for endangering her little darling??

Other than that pearly, not really - sorry :D
This is something that I am keen for my kids to get into, infact the mrs is probably more for it than me. The biggest problem I have is where they can ride the bikes. There is not much local to me, and unfortunatley I don't know any of the local farmers!

If there was somewhere within 30mins or so for me they would each have a motorcross bike. I recon you could get a bike and all the kit for around £2k per kid which would include a trailer to tow them around.
2k, really?
I just bought a second hand 50cc trail bike for £50, and finding all the protective gear on ebay for about another £50
WOW just goes to show you. I suppose I was thinking of a 1 year old bike, just goes to show you how much I really know :cry: