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lenovo ThinkPad?


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Mar 1, 2010
It has just occurred to my that no one seems to be recommending the original tough laptop to be used as a carputer, the IBM ThnikPad. Its now been rebranded as the Lenovo ThinkPad but it is just as durable, including water resistant, shock proof etc. (some claim that you can even drive a car over it). These laptops are are put some serious testing before they go onto the market. The ISS is full of them, and as far as i know its the only laptop they use in space. The thing is you can get a relatively basic model a X100e for a little more than a netbook £440 but it is far more powerful. For the same price you are looking at a rather old, used and slow toughbook. Has everyone forgotten about the legendary ThinkPad?

EDIT: its attually £417 on dabs

I think ToughBook sounds cooler :)

I would love to have one of those in a meeting and pretend to throw my toys as well as the laptop across the room like that. Repeatedly.
Funny this should come up as a topic. I have a ThinkPad R40 since 2003 and it's still going strong. Never, and I mean never, has put a 'foot' wrong. All it needs right now is a new battery. Still using the original. It is what I am using right now to type this. :cool:
Ok now this is just getting silly, you can get one for £354 and this include vat and delivery! you would be mad to get a notebook with and Intel Atom now! If you spec it to 2gb ram, 320gb hard disk and bluetooth then its £399 (ok its still single core but miles better than an atom). I think that's an amazing price for a durable laptop. seems lenovo have a sale on so worth checking out their site