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My 2004 100 Series

Thank you. Turns out the guy I bought it from had given me a DVD that I had forgotten about that had that and a load more on it. I appreciate your offer though.
New front fog lamps arrived from RoughTrax. The old ones still worked but were a mess.



Have decided to get new OEM rear springs with the purple paint spot to replace the existing springs and see what effect that has on the pressures in the rear springs. I can always add spacers if it does not bring the pressures down much.
New springs ordered.

Gave the old girl another wash and polish. Looking nicer now.


These arrived today, the old ones are rusted solid. Once the hose arrives I can extend the axle breather into the engine bay.

Similar issue on my rear locker. Replaced the protection plates as the old had rusted through, replaced the indicator switch. No sound from the actuator when engaging the locker so it's time to haul it out - when it's dry. Lying in a puddle is no fun..
Am lucky with mine - a little surface rust on the protection plates. I am hopeful it could be the magnets have unstuck themselves from the housing. The flashing light on the dash is pretty dim too. We shall see when I get the locker off and on the bench.
Collected some bolts from Toyota for the rear locker, also a rocker cover gasket for when i check the valve clearances. The new rear OEM springs arrived. All being well I'll be fitting those tomorrow and the re-checking the pressure in the rear spheres.

Also fitted a clip to the drivers carpet and the new mat.

And re-gassed the aircon so it is nice and cold once again.

Put some corrugated plastic conduit around the wiring in the engine bay for the small cheap compressor that fills the airbags in the rear springs.
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I started changing the rear springs at 430 thinking i would have it boxed off in an hour. Was not so straightforward. The back shock absorbers are pretty corroded after 19 years. the passenger side one looked worse than i had originally thought and was weeping. thankfully i have a spare from the previous owner. The shock weeped more as i took the weight off it and then dumped its hydraulic oil when i dropped the weight off the axle and it was dangling before i unbolted the bottom bolt. Just as well it is on the drive and not on a green lane somewhere remote. so after a nice oil bath on the drive then the sky dumped a load of rain on me for good measure.

A shame the truck wont fit in the garage and my mates workshop was rammed all day.

I tried before the light failed and i was too cold and wet but could not undo the main bolt at the top so for now truck is parked on the drive with stands under the chassis to take the weight and it is not sat squashing the back springs. I unplugged the AHC pump so i could manoeuvre the truck into a better position to work on it in the morning and not pump out more oil on the drive. I'll take a grinder to the stuck failed shock in the morning and get it out that way. there were lots of stress cracks in the rust at the bottom above the mount point and it did not take must force to break off the weld at the bottom of the failed shock.

The new spring I fitted was about 1 inch longer than the one i took off so I am hopeful that will help the sphere pressure at the rear. I will attend to the other spring once I get the new shock fitted to the passenger side. I am ordering another rear shock from roughtrax so I will swap that out next week.

Question - I presume there is a small O ring in the top of the banjo type fitting that delivers the hydraulic oil to the ram? I might have to not replace the original for now and get another next week. getting the fitting off was pretty fiddly but easy enough so even if the old one weeps a little for a few days I can live with that.
10 hours. i could not slacken off the top bolt on the shock so spent several hours with a grinder and then a flap wheel to remove it and not damage the metal plate that holds the bush in. got it all back together and find I have a leak in the air bag assister system. Both springs in, AHC bled up and all is well, aside from the airbag fault. I'll pop out after dinner and see what the deal is with the airbag.

So another 2 hours finding a pinhole in the airline to one of the airbags. Sorted now. need a hot soak and some sleep. Got to inspect the bee hives tomorrow and do an artifical swarm, unless it's too late already. Plus in laws here for lunch so i might find more "faults" with the Landcruiser.

Second tin of the aircon gas arrived. It is now all topped up and very cold.
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Nipped up the aircon belt. I herd a brief chirp yesterday when i started the car with the aircon on.

Extended the front axle breather and fitted a new end to replace the rusted solid old unit. I'll be doing the rear axle one to terminate high up in the engine bay on the other side when the weather dries up a bit.


Got a dry gap in the rain so now have extended the rear breather to the front. Truck seems really long when I am squirming around underneath.

Fitted new retaining clip to underside of drivers headlight washer.
Thought I would start to pull off the intake / EGR, resin cover etc to save some time in the morning when I do the valve clearances. Quite a bit more involved than removing the valve cover in my old 12v 80. Anyway, all done bar removing the valve cover so i can do the valves clearances in the morning, pop on the new valve cover gasket and then button the old girl back up again, and one more job crossed off my list.
All done. Took a little while to persuade the rocker cover off, the gasket was well stuck down and pretty hard in places too.

Going to see about getting the rear locker off so i can strip it and see what is up. still got that rounded off bolt to contend with. all my irwin extractor did was chew it up. at my pals grage in the afternoon so no doubt it will surrender. might have to leave the strip and inspection until next week. My lady has been a truck widow for a little while.
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Rear locker. Woke up today with the thought i should buy a new locker so have done that from Amayama. Once that arrives I will strip the old and see if i can get it working, it can always live on the parts shelf for now.
You're making good progress on those jobs - please keep the updates (and pics) coming! :thumbup:
Came to the same conclusion on the actuator, plus a couple of other small 'bits'. Hope you get the old one off without too much trauma
@Gary - chers. the body itself looks ok. already rounded one bolt and all the irwin extractor did was chew it up. ill get that bolt off with a dremel if need be once the new actuator arrives. otherwise the overall lack of serious rust underneath has made most of the buts and bolts easy enough to get out.

bent the drivers step last week going into a forest car park at dusk - had not seen a large tree stump sticking up - so got it sort of straightened and have some dents in the sill from doing that. feel better now. looks a bit more involved with life than before.
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So the diff lock from amayama got as far as uk customs. and then it sat for a week. the next update from their shipping service indicates it has been returned to UAE. most odd. no attempt by local post office to deliver and local postman who i know has had nothing for me either.