My Overland trailer (update)

froggy Steve Sep 10, 2017

  1. froggy Steve

    froggy Steve Well-Known Member Supporter I am in europe

    Hi everyone - just an update on our trailer - we now have 'posh' storage - instead of having to strap everything down with ratchet straps, we now have boxes within boxes :)
    20170910_113200.png 20170910_113149.png 20170910_113141.png
    20161002_160734 (2).jpg 20170826_145721.png

    Just have to fit the final bit over the pump and accumulator but electrics done (see top right 240v sockets, with the power control unit, taking power from the truck for the fridge, it has a battery charger built in, and the leisure battery runs internal lights, fridge, lights, pump etc either with or without 240v. we have 8 large storage boxes, the fridge and bog (not my idea) - oztent and chairs, table etc sit down the middle - lots of space :) Thanks to Mark Lang, for the carpentry skills - top job mate, cheers :) currently charging up the new battery, hence the extension lead :)
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  2. Chris

    Chris Super Moderator Supporter I am in europe

    Excellent. Nice to have something to play with.
  3. SteveJB

    SteveJB Member I am in uk

    Lovely bit of workmanship you got there Steve the yellow top plug covers you got there are they 240v or 110v and the consumer unit looks very smart was that a local purchase or imported
  4. froggy Steve

    froggy Steve Well-Known Member Supporter I am in europe

    240v and ip64. The unit is a caravan/motor home unit with built in split charge and auto shut off when plugged into the truck - (lights and aux) fridge is powered all the time via car/leisure/mains
  5. froggy Steve

    froggy Steve Well-Known Member Supporter I am in europe

    Another update - the box storage solution is awesome. Worked a treat. We just have to mark each box with his or her clothes, kitchen stuff etc etc, and then remember where they are :)
    The bad thing the Sargent Power Supply management unit lasted 8 days before failing :rage: - I could still run the fridge on 240v, or if plugged in to car via the car supply cutting out the unit completely. Naturally the guy who sold it via e-bay doesnt exist anymore. :rage::rage:
    So the 12 month warranty is useless. Still was only 190 pounds :rage:
    So, will be modifying the system for the 3rd and final time over winter, i like the look of the intervolt system starcruiser has fitted here
    Couple of other things - the bog can be dropped as it hasnt been used in 2 years, and we need a better fridge :)
  6. garygiles1963

    garygiles1963 Well-Known Member Supporter

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  7. froggy Steve

    froggy Steve Well-Known Member Supporter I am in europe

    Been looking for an intervolt system but cant find any for sale in Europe so I contact them direct - this was there response....
    Hello Steve,

    Thanks for your enquiry.

    Unfortunately at this time, we do not have a distributor in France. To be frank, we are battling to keep up supply in our region at the moment, particularly since South Africa has come on board as well. We get quite a lot of enquiries out of other countries, particularly the UK and USA but are just not in a position to service them as yet.

    We pretty much have all production committed to our dealers for the next two months, however I would be disappointed if you had to go to a competitor's product!

    If you are in a position to wait, we may be able to support you through one of our sister companies, so if you are interested in going ahead let me know and I'll see what we can arrange.


    Mike Brand

    Amelec Australia Pty Ltd
    16 Parkinson Lane
    O'Connor, WA 6163
    Tel: +61 (0) 8 9331 3100
    Fax: +61 (0) 8 9331 5150

    I have told him I could wait but mentioned the club & its world membership - maybe it will help get something sorted? Fingers crossed :)
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