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Not Ebay but a great find on Etsy.

hopeless wanderer

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Aug 21, 2014
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Just ordered one of these to match the as new steering wheel i picked up. The console cover was a bit ragged and this looks to be decent enough to spruce up the interior.
I saw it on MUD but can't find the link anymore. Seems pretty simple a few screws out and a bit of spray glue.
Edit: I had to get it send by one of those package forwarding outfits as they don't ship to the UK.

A guy i went to school with in Middlesbrough scraps Japs. I asked him about a lexus wheel from their saloons that fit and explained it was for an 80. Lo and behold a yr later he comes up with an almost new landcruiser one from Spain for 120 quid (mates rates) . If you don't mind the wait i could ask him again.