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(oils) (Towing)



Hi guys
Would you believe its still raining here, im sure if we get any more we will
sink. I have been trying to fingd someone in the UK who deals in Amsoil but
cant. Surly there must be some one somewhere.
The other thing is that I have looked at towing hooks etc and i need to know
some more info on these.
If the cruiser does get stuck as it will, say up to its steps in mud and
needs a pull.
What force would the bolt or tow eye etc need to be able to handle, would it
be safe to say twice the weight of the cruiser.
If tow hooks are attached to the cruiser where should they go.
Im asking that because I do not want to bend or twist the chassis and have
not got a clue about forces involved.
Should a bar or plate be attached to the the two chassis beams so equal
force is then transmitted and less chance of harm.
Go on tell me im only guessing or at best hoping.
John C
92HDJ 80 1HDT Ireland
Hi John,
Ideally they should be rated the same as a winch and the general recommendation
is for four times the vehicle weight for when you are bogged up to your chassis
in sticky gloop. This is why you really need a 12,000lbs winch for a TLC
rather than a 9,500lbs one that most 4x4 shops sell which is OK for LRs.
If you want a little light background reading on the subject, try:
Julian Voelcker
Mobile: 07971 540362
Cirencester, United Kingdom
1994 HDJ80, 2.5" OME Lift
Hi Julian
Thanks for that info. I will not be gerring a winch but rather tow hooks as
this is the minimum I would need to go off road. So you say they should be
12 ton graded. I have to ask this but if an 80 does get stuck what would it
take to pull it out really. Im asking because iff I go out with a few
smaller 4x4s would they be able to rescue me. See I know ill get stuck
already. If I get a guy to make me some hooks how will I know if they are
big or strong enough.
John C
92HDJ 80 1HDT Ireland
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On 7/30/05, john byrne <[Email address removed]> wrote:
That's not necessary. Make it 12 000 lbs.
A tractor would be handy ;-)
Probably not. Better do not go out to play with smaller 4x4s. It's bad
taste and the experience is even more humiliating :)
You won't. Commercial tow hooks are tested and rated appropriately. A
custom job is always a trial and error thing. In real life, if it is
big enough, chunky enough and bl00dy heavy, probably it will be strong
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80