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OT import to France OT Joaquim's insurance



Neill Watson a ?crit :
Well the temporary plates actually exist, and I must admit I totally
forgot to talk about them. They are only valid inside the country and
don't come with an insurance, they are not very useful for import/export
unless the seller is willing to drive to the border with his own plates,
and the insurance company is willing to be helpful for once.
Post 1998 cars should come with a EU certificate of conformity which
will make the registration process straightforward. Otherwise the buyer
will have to pay the DRIRE office or the official importer for another
conformity document. Things may get (very) tricky if the car has been
modified and the reg. card altered accordingly, or when the exact same
model car has not been imported at the same time in France. In this case
the import reasonably shouldn't be attempted. That's all I can think of
right now...