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Although this isn't specifically about Landcruisers it may be of
interest to anyone that puts fuel in them. Similarly, apologies to the
non-UK list members, although from reports, a similar scheme to this has
already been set up in the Netherlands and is fairly successful.
Have a look at:
This isn't intended to sway anybody one way or the other but may prove
interesting reading.
I saw this website six months ago - rather a slow start. 5 10-p
reduction - in relation to which prices - Tesco or motorway services?
I'd be interested to see how it works ... when it works.
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80
On 2/19/06, David Roulson <[Email address removed]> wrote:
Hi Roman,
I have to admit to not having seen the site before last week, & I guess
that may go some way to explain why the numbers are only growing slowly.
There seems to have been more media interest recently so maybe that will
help the figures.
You're right about the comparison of prices and not knowing whether
they'll get as low as supermarket prices, but if you were a petrol
supplier and you knew you might get 250,000 people switching to your
brand, you might do something for them. The downloadable story about the
Dutch scheme seems fairly genuine and it seems to be of benefit to the
user, so like you, I'll watch with interest.
I saw this and joined last year. It can do no harm but it is not
pressuring the government and it is them that are the greedy money
grabbers, not the petrol companies.
Regards, Clive.