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Plain explosive etc CHAT



Roman wrote...
... but better watch out for those exploding shells (read this:
Usually the roads they close have 2 concrete pyramids at the entrance with
a pole over the top.
There is one track alongside a grass airfield and there are 'minefield' and
'UXO' signs close beside the track. Watch out for that one.
And where you go past the back gate of the big tank depot - whatever that's
called - you go on a bit and to the (I think) east you look down into a
valley where there are a lot of lifesized dummy tanks and trucks about 200
yards away. We were told that area can get a bit exciting too. Watch out
for it.
And today's useless information. If you find you are in a minefield, don't
move till you get out your 8 inch blade (which you always keep in your
trouser pocket for these occasions) then proceed to press it into the soil
at a 45 degree angle to full depth every 2 cm (yes every t w o centimetres)
in all directions on the path you are taking. Proceed to feel your way out
of the minefield and report it to authority. You might be an emaciated
skeleton by the time you make it to safety but you will have followed
standard NATO procedure ! That's the basic training we get. Oh yes, they
also say put the 'mine action centre' phone number in the cellphone memory
(always carried with you in the same pocket of course) and give them a call
if in that situation. Pity the cellphones only work on the main roads though.
Julian, that's nice software they use on that LR site isn't it ?
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus in Bosnia - where if the blade does not go in to a
full 8 ins we get a tad worried, its not a training area !