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Re radiator size - auxiliary fan



We had this discussion once - is mechanical cooling better than electrical?
The consensus was that in terms of efficiency the mechanical driven fan is best.
You could get some advantages with an electric fan for cold climates
(the engine gets warm faster and the fan is turned on only when it
gets warm enough).
For hot climates fan control is really redundant as the more fan
action, the better.
Efficiency wise - anything driven directly by the engine beats the
electric motor hands on, because the alternator can produce only a
fraction of the power put out by the engine.
Want more fan output? Change the fan pulley ratio, making sure the
blades of the fan you fit can withstand faster speeds.
I've found some good info on rebuilding the fan viscous coupling. Here
it is:
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80
On 6/5/07, Benoit Bernard <[Email address removed]> wrote: