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Rotors HZJ80 Standard or Drilled and Slotted?


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Nov 20, 2019
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The advice I'd offer is that frankly slotted or plain, there's not a huge difference. What I would say though is do NOT go cheap. Cheap discs are cheap quality in my experience. And looking at the price of those they are most likely made from recycled manhole covers. Cheap discs are prone to warping, especially if your caliper pistons are all balanced. Spend more money. You might be surprised at how cheap genuine ones are in fact.
I'm not talking here about safety and discs failing etc, I'm simply saying really cheap price most likely equals rubbish product.
As Chris says don't go cheap. Genuine discs and pads are quite cheap. Just replaced my rears. I've got standard genuine Toyota front and rear, stops rather well.
I’m with @Gary820, I fitted OEM, reasonably priced and it stops well in most conditions.
Genuine here in Australia are way out of my price range. I understand that cheap generally means shit parts however I just need to get myself out of trouble for now as Christmas cost a bit more than what I was hoping for. I will give these a run and I will see how I go. Thanks for your honest opinions though :)