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Snow and chains - Clive



Sorry Clive a 'PS' to my post yesterday, though it may be too late now. But applicable to any of you going out to try your nice shiny new chains from an LR agent in Derbyshire ;o)
Its inevitable that when running chains you will have to travel on tarmac. Please remember that you are effectively riding on the 3.5mm edge of at most 10 chain links. You must let the clutch out slowly or you will have some dramatic spin (with sparks at night!!). There is certainly no grip with them on tarmac which also transposes to braking too. You may only be limited to a speed of 50kmh, but braking sharply at 10kph will get you into a slide.
Also remember to regularly tighten the fine linked tensioner chain, even shunting back and forward several times, and tensioning as soon as you put them on. Then check every 10 miles afterwards.
Otherwise enjoy !
HZJ80 ex UN surplus in Bosnia - with chains on to get to the office this morning.