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Socket size for wheel nuts.


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Jan 29, 2011
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Can anyone tell me the correct size of socket I need to remove the wheel nuts on my 2001 Cruiser? Some sources say 21mm whilst others say 22mm. I know 1mm isn’t much between friends but I would rather buy whichever socket is the best fit. Thanks in advance.
As I remember its 21mm for an 80 and 22mm for a 100. I can't check as ny 100 is in storage.
Confusing question because surely any decent socket set has both sizes .
Agree, - and more !

If you are buying an individual socket, get the 6 sided type (black and hardened, suitable for rattle guns), as long as your nuts (ooer) are in good nick, this type of socket fits well and puts the pressure on all flats, rather than the ordinary serrated type ones that just grip on the corners.
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I believe he's looking for a wheel wrench but still your socket set will give you the exact size to order .
I wasn't wanting to use a socket from my set as a long socket would be better. i want to have a socket that is intended for wheel nuts. Thanks for all the great advice. This really is great forum.
Get a 22mm sleeved impact socket from Halfords / Amazon or similar, great bit of kits to keep in the glove box…

Sealey SX03022 Alloy Wheel Impact Socket, 1/2" Square Drive, 22mm