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SR bashing - was Seat Covers



On 10/23/07, james Pugh <[Email address removed]> wrote:
Hi James,
Ha, a Landrover convert! But you don't mean from LC to LR, do you?
I also used to visit that forum on account of my LR SIII ownership,
but found the atmosphere too rarified - some good technical info
shared mainly among close buddies. Infrequent posters are just
As for SR, I could tell you more horror stories. I can't speak for
their suppliers, of course. But on the few occasions when I was their
customer, I was treated fairly well - if their product developed a
problem and it was reasonably clear (without a material proof, though)
that it was due to their fault, they replaced it free of charge. They
certainly take advantage of the fact that being the only 4x4 &
off-road outfit in Greater London they have a market of 8 mln people
all to themselves. In many respects they are not worse than high
street banks or telecom companies we all love to hate.
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80 (auto)
On Behalf Of Roman
Sent: 23 October 2007 16:36
To: [Email address removed]
Subject: Re: [ELCO] SR bashing - was Seat Covers
Hi James,
Yeah no worries there- certainly from Landrovers to the other direction.
Sorry you didn't get on with LR4x4- we are very cliquey and it's something
we are trying to change- it doesn't help that we all know each other! If you
want to come back and say hello then please do- it's a great site for off
roading properly- must be at least 4-5 events each month advertised on
there. I would also really welcome another LC owner for a bit of moral
I agree with all that, but in the 4x4 world people will go to whichever
supplier gives the best value for money and I just hope that SR have shot
themselves in the foot in that respect. They just take take take without
giving anything back, and I think people start to resent that after a while.
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80 (auto)