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Steering Starts to make very feeble whining noise - No visual leaks on Power steering fluid


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Dec 12, 2021
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Hey there all,

I own a landcruiser 2009 - GX.R V6. Recently after an off-road trip i started to hear a whining noise every time i turn the steering.

At first i thought it was cause the power steering fluid was low, but then i checked the Fluid and the levels where fine. Although, for some reason, even during cold start, the level of the power steering fluid is at Hot Max.

What could be the reason for the whining noise ?

I took a video of the sound :

Turning the steering wheel side to side whilst stationary puts a lot of strain on the steering system and really should not be done but having said that if you are in a tight spot then use it sparingly does it make the noise when you are moving best find an empty car park put it in 1st gear and drive SLOWLY and when moving turn the steering wheel and drive a big figure eight if the noise happens when you can't turn the wheel no more you are on the steering stops which is normal as you are straining the pump give it a go and get back if your problem is still there
Same thing had me banging my head against a wall for a while before i worked out it was belt squeal .

Squirt some wd-40 on your belts see if the noise stops . Not a fix just quick way to test the theory .
Apparently the WD-40 did work , but it wasnt on the belts. There is a rubber bush that supports the Steering Rod. Sprayed some WD-40 and no more sound.
I guess the bush was a bit dry causing it to make that sound. The mechanic told it's a common thing.

Will be posting the pics of the Bush soon. I guess if there are no visual leaks / changes in the Oil levels - This should be one of top reasons for the sound. Dust builds up pretty fast in those areas. Plus i started dune bashing a bit so the sand as well.