Stripping internal plastic


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Jul 21, 2010
South Africa
Has anyone done this as i have started to take out the boot carpet to give it a good clean with the wet vac and have stripped the rear plastic mouldings either side covering the wheel archer but need to strip the plastic above that on the window surround and don’t want to disturb the airbag.

Just asking for tips as it all needs to me steam cleaned due the previous owner being a smoker with 7 spaniels as gun can’t believe the smell.

Next question is how hard is it to remove the front carpet so i can give it a good clean?? I know i have to remove the middle row of seats and the front seats but does the centre console need to come out too?

Dave Burgess

Well-Known Member
Apr 1, 2010
Didcot, Oxon
If it's the same as an 80 the carpet comes out easily enough. Seats out, console out, sill trims off and poss the b pillars. Clips or velcro up under the dash and the footrest in the driver's well and pull it all out. The boot carpet is separate. I did mine about 6 weeks ago and jet washed the carpets.
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