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Super Pro Poly Bushes


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Mar 22, 2010
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I've been quoted £370 (excl VAT & labour) for a complete set of Super-Pro poly bushes for my 90 Colorado.

Anyone have these? That sound like a fair price? What alternatives are there?
You should be able to get them from Pro Bush direct for I think £317, but as for labour.....get them to give you a binding quote as speaking from experience they can be an a**e of a job to do. The fitting is straight forward but getting the old ones out can be a nightmare.

I have done the ones on the front of mine and the difference is is well worth doing. I got the rear set last week at the British Indoor 4x4 show so will be doing them soon.

Tough call. I use the Milner ones which are a fraction of the price. Now what they are like on performance compared to the SP I just don't know. Fitting? Well it all depends on which ones and I'm afraid, which way the wind blows. Some can drop out and some need a team of Texan oil workers to drill them out. There is no rhyme or reason to it I'm afraid. What are you intending to do with your 90?

This is one job I won't attempt myself. :shock:

Well I'm sending the 90 in to get OME coils and shockers all round. I am going to be driving it to South Africa in about a year.

The outfitters have advised putting the poly bushes all round (I think some of the bushes are tired anyway). I'm inclined to do it as I want reliability when heading down.

However, reading online some people suggest poly bushes might not be as good over corrugations and original rubber would be preferred over poly for an Africa trip.

I'm not going bundu bashing down to SA - mainly tarred roads - but rough roads will be unavoidable and at times preffered. Are polybushes very stiff and so how will they affect vibrations over corrugations?

I think for my needs they will do just fine, but wonder what your opinions are

(PS they quoted 6-8 hours labour for fitting the OME's and the bush kit..)
OEM bushes for me every time unless availability or price prevented it.
rubber OEM or Superpro for me.

Won't use cheapy poly bushes anymore (including the orange ones) as they just don't seem to last the same.
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