Tyre sizes v rim widths


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I am in england
Mar 1, 2010
Is there a guide anywhere about what sizes will fit different rim widths?

I have just aquired 2 x 16x7 steel rims (with very good tyres on, will post size later if anyone wants them) and wanted to use them as my spares, but can i put 285/75-16 bfg's on them? I think they might be a bit narrow.

If not, what other size has the same rolling radius as could make my own version of a space saver. Thinking of lifting my underslung spare wheel bracket on some spacers and fitting a thinner wheel/tyre so no ground clearance problems.

Gav Peter

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I am in england
Mar 1, 2010
The Wirral, NW Ingerland
Just fit beadlocks to your new steelies Paul - problem sorted!!! :lol:

Just looking at the Silverline 4x4 ad in TOR, the 285/75x16 KM2's come on an 8" wide rim...

Might be worth having a chat with them (01926 496 668) to see what they say?

Andrew Prince

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Feb 23, 2010
Joburg, sunny South Africa
Paul, this site has quite a nifty little calculator for the range in rim widths for a given tyre size.

(Hint: It's the middle calc in the rather busy page!)

In answer to your question, the 7" wide rim looks a little narrow for a 285. Nice concept of a spacesaver - a 255/85 would fit perfectly on that rim and would be a partial spacesaver! :clap:

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