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Use accessory power sockets after ignition is turned off


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Mar 22, 2010
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I read somewhere that it is possible to get the accessory sockets to work with the ignition off. Anyone know how to do this? :?:

(I plan on replacing one of my two batteries with a leisure battery, fit an isolation switch so when camping etc I can run some 12v accessories, phone chargers etc - without fear of running both batteries down.)
you would have to rewire the Cigarette socket from accessory power, direct to the battery.
lcruiser100s said:
you would have to rewire the Cigarette socket from accessory power, direct to the battery.

Spot on. I have 3 more in the front and 2 in the rear. All run off of the 3rd battire on my 80 series. Just do not forget to put fuses in.

Rather than a cut off switch which you WILL forget to throw, you can get a voltage cut-off sensor that will trip when your battery reaches a critical level. Now if it's a leisure battery it doesn't matter. But off the main one - especially and auto, it's a good safety measure.

Hi Kevin,

an automatic isolator is the way to go. It can be risky depending on memory to manually isolate the leisure battery. I have three additional power outlets in the front and two in the back, all connected to a battery number three located in the cargo bay. The leisure battery is automatically connected to the alternator for charging when the voltage rises above (approx) 13.4 volts. I haven't chnaged the wiring of the OEM power outlets. Don't forget that in everyday use you might plug in devices such as gps/charger/whatever that would noramlly operate while the engine is running. If you rewire, these devices will continue to drain power when you park up and the engine is switched off if you forget to isolate.
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I really do like the sound of these 'automatic connect and disconnect' gadgets.

What do they cost?

So I can effectivly put a 3rd battery in the load area, and supply it from the main batteries, through this gadget?
or does the 3rd battery need be connected direct to alternator output stud?

Battery 1. Main starting Battery connected directly to Alternator.
Battery 2 (3or 4) connected in parallel to starting battery with some sort of cut out. on the positive feed line
battery 2 should run accessories you would use when the engine is off. ie. lights, fridge, winch.

the cut out. preferably should be an automatic isolator connected to on on your ignition switch.
Isolator preferably wants to be 100amp or more rated.
A cheap way of doing this is with a key switch battery isolator, this means you have to manually turn on or off. (Not a great idea.)
I use a red arc isolator. (other brands available) this only charges the 2nd battery when the 1st battery is charged enough allowing you always to have a full starting battery.