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Welcome to our world Mr Branson

No need to get your coat Chas, I understanď where your coming from, we all want more.
My point was in the statement Liz made, and all the gratis perks that go with her job on the back of the tax payer. I do concede that she 'work's, and is a 'pull' if you like to overseas visitors who spend money here.
In my humble opinion, to say "we are all in it together" is a P.R. stunt. As sovereign of this country in crisis, I feel she should put her money where her mouth is. I am not saying she should fund or part fund every thing going, but if she is to make a statement like that, back it up, she would then appear to be one of 'us' and "in it together", from which she is far removed. Just my opinion, as everyone else has.
they are either entitled to their wealth or have earned it in some way so why should they just give it away?
well i don't think the Queen or any of the royals have earned a brass farthing in their lives they're on benefits !
'From each according to his means to each according to his needs'
another way of saying this is " from each according to his ability..."Those who can work & put a shift in should do so & everyone should have a basic standard of living .
they are either entitled to their wealth or have earned it in some way so why should they just give it away?
is a billionaire a 1000 times more intelligent or hard working than a millionaire ? why is some individual entitled to vast wealth when folks can't keep the lights on or feed their kids?
makes no account of how those means have been acquired.
by paying shit wages , holding out their hand for government cash or inheriting their wealth.
I'm at times self employed , running a small business & sometimes PAYE .I've worked in a wide range of industry form labour to regional manager & almost without exception what i've seen is that hard working , honest people get shit on & those that make it , with some notable exceptions , start out with some sort of advantage or are prepared to to tear the arse of of things to make a few extra quid.
The pandemic has brought into focus the fact that the really essential folks in our society , those that actually make things work can barley earn enough to live on & rich parasites are whining for benefits after a few weeks of reduced profits
They've got some, so I want some.
the politics of accusation levelled at anyone who questions the status quo usually by journalists & politicians who've never done a days honest work in their lives.
The UK is the worlds 5th largest economy & the fact that kids turn up to school hungry whist a 3.2 million dollar supercar is sold out before production is a fucking outrage so bollocks to those who are "entitled to their wealth"
off with their heads :)
I think the post started with the concept of Branson asking for a Gvt. bail-out, and it’s my view he shouldn’t get a penny of taxpayers contributions. Why should he? It’s his business and if it goes under it’s his problem.
Everyone has been hit by this pandemic, to degrees that vary from almost zero, to those which now find themselves either on the breadline or worse.

In the UK I understand that many are receiving Gvt. supplementary benefit of some sort to the tune of maybe 80% of lost income. I have no idea whether it’s true or not and little means to check it, so forgive me if I’ve been misled.

Here, there’s no Gvt. money for anyone, for example, the local hairdressing salon to us has been mandatorily shut down for 7 weeks, and the workers there sent home, no pay, no subsidy, no nothing.

The owner of the shop has 2 choices when the restrictions are lifted, re-open or close down forever. No Gvt. bail-out for her.

Just my 2 cents...