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Wheel alignment on a 120

John Packham

Active Member
Dec 9, 2011
Has anybody run toe-out (rather than toe-in) on a 120? I'm looking to dial out the understeer a bit. I just thought I'd ask before I try it.
I've never had an issue with under-steer or "ploughing on" in my 120.

What tyres and pressures are you running?
AT20s at std pressure. The turn-in could be sharper and the tyres wear on the outer shoulder.
Do you live in Milton Keynes? :icon-wink:

I used to run Dunlop AT20s years ago and remember having funny wear patterns. Increased the pressures by about 10% on OEM and found that to be better in terms of handling but still had strange wear.

Moved on to some "proper" AT tyres (all 4 to Hankook Dynapros RT10s in my case) and any issues have gone - all 4 tyres have worn evenly (side-to-side), with the front pair worn 1mm more than the rear pair - but negligible at a glance. I run at 38psi all round and increase to 40psi if I'm planning a long M'way run.

My caster correction has been seized since day 1 and never been adjusted. Every 3-4 years I take it in for an alignment check, or after any work in that might impact the steering geometry.

If the 120 is similar to the 90 series, then there is nothing you can adjust at the rear, only the fronts.
No, I don't live near MK. I don't off-road and the AT20s have served me well except when tracked by a specialist - they're all muppets who blindly follow what the laser and computer says. The back end is a solid axle so nothing to adjust there. The rears last over 100,000km but the fronts only about half of that. However the aim is to get the turn-in sharper on tarmac. Maybe I'm trying to get a Cruiser to handle like a Golf? It's not likely to happen is it.
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Yes, I'd second that - the AT20s are OK until you try one of the more mainstream AT tyres (i.e. BFG/Cooper/General etc) and then you realise how sh!t they are!
What issues do you have with AT20s. I only drive on-road and a little bit in vineyards. I find them fine. From, previous wet road experience of General I wouldn't risk buying them.
IME it was uneven wear that was the main problem with the Dunlop AT20s. They do make the ride quite soft compared to stiffer side walled AT tyres and that also makes the steering feel a bit vague in comparison too.

I ran AT20s/21s for around 5 years and 60k miles (That was my truck's 2nd set) but since I changed over to ATs wouldn't think of going back - will probably change to BFG AT KO2s, when the current Dynapro RT10s wear out - which considering they have already done 55k miles and are probably not even 1/2 worn, might not be anytime soon*,

*I'm actually thinking about changing them out next year due to age - they will be 8 years old by then, though they're not cracked or deteriorating but just fancy looking at a different tread pattern! How fickle am I?