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  1. Benwath2

    40 Series 3D printed / Replicated parts!

    Hey guys! I have recently opened a website to sell replicated, remanufactured and custom parts for 40 series land cruisers. (I'm located in Perth Australia). Website link: Custom 4x4 Parts - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club] I am always looking for suggestions of new things people would want made so...
  2. Benwath2

    New member!

    Good morning guys! Just wanted to introduce myself, I’m from Perth Australia. Last year I restored my fiancé’s grandpa’s hj45 when it was passed down to us. 12ht, 5sp, ac, power steering etc etc. Since then we’ve been doing trips in it and I’ve been constantly thinking of ideas to improve it...
  3. B

    71’ FJ40 Land Cruiser

    1971 FJ40 4x4 has been professionally swapped to a Chevy 350ci V8 engine with headers and dual exhaust. The engine is coupled to Turbo 400 automatic transmission and runs GREAT! Upgraded suspension with custom wheels and tires. Comes with fully enclosed soft top. Feel free to reach out with...
  4. P

    Model identification

    Would someone be kind enough to help me identify this model, I used this Land Cruiser for 6 months back in 2007 in Kenya and I’ve always been intrigued by the model, I’d love to own one again, I remember it having a very large engine. Would it be a J40 or FJ40?
  5. jumans

    Hello from the Netherlands

    The fj40 is nearly done, 1983 2f engine LX addition, looking for missing ac compressor. Cheers Julian
  6. S

    69 FJ40. SOLD

    I've got a 1969 FJ40 for sale. All original, 6 Cylinder gas engine with 68k on it. 4 speed manual transmission, front locking hubs and original interior. The frame has no rot or cracks, the body has some rust spots, it has been sitting for quite some time. It runs but not perfect, it has a...
  7. B

    Can you identify the year of this fj just by these photos

    Can you identify the year of this fj just by these bad photos or at least an estimate. Thanks
  8. P


    Hi I’m very new to the site as of about 12 hrs ago. I am looking to import an Ok conditioned F40 1968 left hand drive (my father in laws present to me) to the UK and was wondering if anyone knew a great restoration place /person. I live SW London, would like to learn a little about the car and...
  9. W

    75 fj40 oil pressure & fuel gauge

    Started up and noticed the two gauges not working. Temp and Amp gauges work. Of course oil and fuel are on the left and the temp and amp are on right side. It is possible that I left the key on. Thoughts on how to fix? Possibly the fuse. The fuse box has one labeled "engine". Thanks.
  10. J

    Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser 1975 RHD

    Hi All, Is anyone interested in this.... or know of anyone who might be?? Id like to see it go to a good home :-) cheers, Jon
  11. Sondra H

    Needing help in San Jose CA

    We have a 1974 FJ40 that needs some finish work from a short block/power steering conversion. Any recommendations for someone in the Bay Area who would understand and help finish TLC? Don't want to take it to just anyone.
  12. james ryan

    New Owner.... struggling!

    Hi Everyone, Bought my 1977 FJ40 back in early Dec but handed over to a garage to do some 'priority' work after having it inspected before purchase (undercoat, seat mount moved back - I'm 6ft4). On pick up had fuel issue that still has not been resolved. When collected from garage told it...
  13. shafiq

    BJ40 4-Speed to 5-Speed Conversion

    Would like to hear from anyone who has successfully completed a 4-speed gearbox conversion into a 5-speed gearbox. If so, what was the improvement and are there any long term issues with any of the components used to align the system?. What speed difference has been noted on the B Type Diesel...
  14. shafiq

    1984 BJ40

    Just become a proud owner of a 1984 BJ40 in medium blue, soft top. Restoration work will commence soon. Sorting out the paperwork and sourcing a good set of Ambulance doors, roof and side panels right now. The vehicle is almost perfect with almost 0% rust and in its original paint. It has the...
  15. StarCruiser

    40 series restoration time lapse

    Just found myself watching this. What incredible patience and dedication these guys have and how lucky they are to have a relatively rust free example to start with. Enjoy.
  16. Bobby

    40 Snorkel Template

    Does anyone have a template i could use to install a snorkel for my 40? or maybe just some advice because it didnt come with any instructions. guess i should have bought Safari....
  17. D

    Hi. I'm Damien

    On my 12th birthday I was given a 1970 FJ40 Land Cruiser (Not running). 4 years later, I now have started working on it and have yet to try to turn over the engine because it has not been started in 7 years. I am happy to see my first car having such a following and loyal fan base. I am in on...
  18. StarCruiser

    Keeping it in the family…a peach of a 40

    Find a quiet spot, grab a beer and put your feet up for a near perfect 8 1/2 minutes…
  19. Nathan Boring

    Greetings from Pennsylvania

    Hello and thanks for adding me to the group! 71 fj40 with 350 conversion on 32's. limited off road experience, but having a to n of fun! Have a great day!
  20. MZilm

    1962 FJ40

    hi I am looking for info on my 1962 fj40 I have just got back on the road and would love to know all I can about the history and original condition of my old rig I would like to try track down original engine and any other parts that have either gone missing or been damaged beyond repair over...
  21. Ricky_UK

    5 Speed box

    All, Looking for advice or the pro's and cons of upgrading to a 5 speed gearbox for my FJ40. I'm new to the Land cruiser arena and want to make sure i'm making the right moves and decisions as i work through the project. I've read online that people tend to use the H55F or the NV4500. Does...
  22. Ricky_UK

    Newbie FJ40 owner

    Hi all, I'm from the UK but currently living in Pakistan where I've picked up my first FJ40. Im currently planning a full restoration. any hints tips and tricks would be great to know. I'll keep a updates coming as the project moves along. best regards, Ricky
  23. F

    Foot pegs

    I have an FJ40 and want to put foot pegs in the door hinge when i have the doors off. Any thoughts on who would sell these? Thank you!
  24. F

    Foot Pegs

    I have a 78 FJ40. I wish to put foot pegs in the door hinge area when i have the doors off. Any recommendations? Different sites to look at? Thank you!! example.....
  25. S

    Fj40 FJ45 BJ HJ 40 42 47 COMPLETE DISC BRAKE FRONT AXLE (disc brake conversion)

    fj 40 fj 45 bj hj 42 47 etc... Complete front axle with diff, hubs, brakes etc. Useful starting point for disc brake conversion. Open to offers. Collection from Crewe (5 mins from Jct 16 M6). Any questions please ask, thanks Simon
  26. F

    FJ40 factory gas tank.

    I am trying to find the "caps" to the three lines that are coming out of the gas tank right above the fill tube. Part number? where I can buy them? Thanks all!! -Fenoy
  27. F

    New member

    Hello all. I just bought my first Land cruiser. It is a 1978 FJ 40. Hope to learn more about my new toy on here.
  28. S

    5.4 Falcon Boss engine & transmission conversion

    Hi to all, this question is more to my Aussie counterparts but any input would be much appreciated. I have a 1970 Fj45 and a BA XR8 falcon. My plan is to transplant both the XR8's 4 speed transmission and engine into the FJ. Fabrication and fitment of this is not a problem, although an...
  29. apetreny

    Offer: Kid's handmade wooden FJ40 toy

    Hey Guys! I'm an FJ40 owner and Land Cruiser lover. I have a little online shop where I sell handmade, wooden and all-natural FJ40's in a variety of colors and customizable options. These are pretty unique little toys, with functioning treaded wheels. Each Land Cruiser is hand carved and...
  30. T

    Late 76 FJ40 For sale.

    ust trying to sell my fj out of Salt lake city utah just got done repainting and treating all the rust minimal bondo, original 2f engine 3 speed great drive train good leather seats red with black pieces on the seats repainted the inside floor removed gas tank and cleaned, new door panels ...
  31. S

    FJ40 / 45 F engine + 3 speed box and transfer case

    Piece of history! 1967 engine and box. Taking the engine out of my 45 (I'm guessing its an F, 3.9L). Its petrol and seems to turn over ok, I'm lead to believe it works fine but I've never fired it up. And the 3 speed box / transfer case to go with it. Any interest? cheers Simon
  32. A

    '77 FJ40 - Need SoCal (Orange County) Mechanic!

    hello out there! i had a '77 FJ40 restored, but the guy who did it is in Colorado and i'm in Orange County, CA so following up on the restoration when there are issues isn't very practical. can anyone recommend someone in (or near) Orange County who could check it out mechanically for me...