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90 series D4D injectors

That was because i was plagued by the ABS light on my 90 .

My 80 is now on a sorn because of the ABS light , pretty sure its a bust wire in the front harness but i'm not paying 500 quid to find out and i don't have the patience right now to remove the wire and try to solder with any hope of success .
I thought techstream software was something you could install on your laptop and buy a cable? I thought it was around the €50 mark?
What i mean is i don't know anyone who has one to borrow and i'm not convinced it would tell me anything much at all even if i could find one to buy . I bought one supposed to fit my 1997 KZJ90 and its still here unused and good for nothing maybe 10 years later .

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That one shown looks like a generic code reader, and won't tell you much compared to Techstream.
Yeah i can't remember much about the one i bought only i asked on here asked the seller coz all i wanted to do was turn the light off for mot , it didnt work .