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AHC Trouble


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Mar 10, 2010
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I knew it would be my turn at some point!

A couple of nights ago I went out with the Wife to a place with a low barrier into the car park, we usually go here I drop it into low, and in we go no problems. This time, the front dropped down but the rear didn't follow smoothly. I pulled forward a bit as the entrance is uneven, its a local nature reserve so not a made surface, to where its flatter and it did then drop down. On leaving, went under barrier, back up to normal height no issue. Then yesterday on the journey home from work I noticed the suspension was pretty harsh, especially at the back, banging over bumps and defects in the road surface.

When I parked up on the drive, I could see the car was at the low height setting, although the display still read N and no warning messages. Tried raising the height and the pump didn't run, no change in height, and the height change arrow on the display continuing to flash. I had to go out again and this time, I did get the Check 4 wheel AHC system warning, but only came on when going round a corner. What's strange, when I returned home, I left the engine running on the drive and popped in to get a torch, when I came back, the car was back at normal height and the error was gone!

This morning I've borrowed my daughters car and left it at home, but it was looking lower again on the drive. I've only had a quick look but haven't found any sign of a hydraulic leak yet. Will investigate further. I don't have Techstream (yet) just ordered a cable and discs from ebay so can't report on any codes yet.

Any ideas, could this be a height sensor issue?
Found the problem
Is that broken AHC height adjuster
Does anyone know if f the linkages for the 100 & 200 sensors are the same?
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Or another question, has anyone tried a non-genuine sensor?

£90 on ebay UK stock (next day availability) , or I can get a genuine from Partsouq for £166 (delivery takes a bit less than a week I've found). Dealer over £300!! Update: cracked and bought the genuine part from Partsouq.
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anyone tried a non-genuine sensor?
I don’t know and through all my time spent on AHC threads on the American site as well I don’t remember seeing this sensor replacement
There's a few on Ih8mud, same one breaking funnily enough.
Milners 4x4 at Darley Dale Derbyshire have new sensors at reasonable prices. However I have been through all you describe and the problems are probably not the sensors. I rode around for 2 months in LOW setting, with occasional neutral/normal incurvations. I concluded it was the pump/brain box. Tried all else. I converted to shocks and springs and the ride is the same or arguably better. Costs around £700 for a kit.
Hi Neil, The 200 series sensors are not the same as the 100 series. I can't see that Milner sell them, I did look previously? Roughtrax do but I bought mine (both rears) from Partsouq. Also there is no kit (AFAIK) available for the 200 to replace with standard springs and shocks.

I want to keep the AHC, mine is booked in for Monday to have both rear sensors changed.
Pretty sure loads of guys in Oz have dumped the AHC on 200's and fitted springs often with a 2 inch lift .
I think you'll find the Australian spec 200's didn't have AHC. Conventional springs and shocks with KDSS.

Only the LX570 is AHC equipped in Australia.