Anyone Running Biodiesel in their 80?



Is there anyone here running Biodiesel in their 80?
I have been contacted by someone who within 80 miles of a major overhaul of their fuel pump and new injectors has suffered quite a major engine failure and the garage that did the work are blaming it on the Biodiesel that he was running.
It seems like a couple of injectors melted and biodiesel leaked into the sump causing damage in the bottom end. The garage is blaming the biodiesel, but having run 100% biodiesel in my 80 with no problems at all (in fact it ran better than ever) I seriously doubt this is the problem, suspecting that they used inferior seals on the fuel pump and also may have fitted the wrong injectors.
I am trying to find others that have similar success running on Biodiesel that are willing to provide some form of confirmation so that the unfortunate owner can go back to the garage armed with a fist full of 'affidavits' to help in his compensation claim.
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This is perhaps a separate thread, but I am curious what experience others
may have had using vegetable oil in their 80's. I have read about people who
buy catering grade veg oil from the cash and carry and dilute it with
diesel. Seemingly this is a problem for some vehicles, but absolutley no
problem for others!
What is the best type of oil? What dilution ratio? Other than economy what
are the pros? What are the cons?
Paul Driver
Ilkley, West Yorkshire
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I enquired to a pal of mine who runs a chippie what he did with waste
oil. He said, "There is none" Basically, any busy chip shop is
constantly topping up due to oil being soaked into patties, burgers
etc. Apparently, they're the worst to eat, not the fish n chips.
I happened to call him on his mobile when he was at the cash and
carry. We reckoned the cost of veggie oil in Macro wasn't that much
cheaper than normal refined fuel, so unless we got our sums wrong (it
was a bad line), I don't see how it would work out?
Neill Watson
On 27 Jun 2008, at 11:32, Paul Driver wrote:
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