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Blown 80, my Landcruiser story

OK More pix. No particular order, just 'captured fun' along the way.
(Please make note when I can put the flame suit away)

Playing in some Mud, until momentum was limited...

Tracey showing how impressed she is with my fuel economising measures...

Caught in some Quicksand in Tasmania, quite an experience.
Went from driving over an un-seen patch to sill level in 20 seconds.
Missed seeing this one.

Some more arduous tracks in the north west of Tasmania

Left Hand flare removed......

Right hand flare removed. Interesting tracks in Tassie.

One of the best investments made.
The 'Wine Rack' and glasses holder.
Works a treat.

More storage shots. Water tank filler, electrified tap and LED guage.
These are the side drawers on the passenger side, and a lockable cabinet underneath.

Facing back through the seats..
The two cabinets are quickly removed and placed in a tent, etc, and make a fine cupboard when camping for a while.
They can still be opened and accessed in-situ as well.
The little door below is my secondary access to my recovery gear when those two cupboards are locked in.
Normally I'd get my recovery gear from two flip up lids underneath those storage boxes.
The second fridge, the 35L one is to bottom of view. Within easy reach for a cold drink on the move.

The rear drawer system again.
I will have to find a shot with the redwood table slid out. Its nice.

Well hopefully these few pix keep the wolves at bay for a while.
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I found some more.
Some include a guy who was stalking me in his ol' HJ47. Damn it was fast, couldn't shake him off my tail.

This photo is the only one I could find of the Redwood slide out table that resides under the fridge slide.
It comes out with the fridge as well if we need to get into the fridge, so we don't have to pack stuff away to get into it.
Plus if we want to leave it all out in extended mode, it has its own gas strut actuated leg which sets down and stabilizes the table for when cutting, chopping, etc.
Then it folds back up under the table and it can all slide in together or leave the fridge out, etc.
It has made life pretty convenient for short lunch stops or overnight camps.
Redwood Table.jpg

These are a few shots from some favorite trips around local parts here.
Recognize anyone?

This was when Betsy still had the farm gate bolted up front.
Things have changed a little since then.

This guy kept following me....

Some spectacular spots in the Flinders Ranges, South Oz.
If anyone heads over this way, make sure its on your list of places to visit.
But the rule is you have to invite me. I've got the keys....
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These are more recent photos, with both the front end and rear end updates done.
This may change again soon.....

FNB Rear Bar.jpg

Yes, the angle is correct.....
She's a great old girl, takes me everywhere I've ever pointed her. (Even on the back of a tilt tray, yes)
FNB Angle.jpg

Notice the dip off to the driver's side gets worse....
We don't stop mid-way for this one, you have to drive through it to avoid scratching the mirrors on the ground.
FNB Side Slope.jpg

Edit: I might have broken the forum already. The pix wouldn't load. Re-loaded. Oops....
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All looking good from here Chris; keep 'em coming & watch out for that shonky '47... He's still there!!!

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Welcome to the forum Chris. She sure is a well set up 80, although only an Ozzy 80 would need a wine rack! Wouldn't mind a supercharger on Wanda, and Steph says where's our slide out table from under the fridge! Very neat.

Loving all the 'repairs', the truck just seems to get better with every one! :shifty: :shifty: :icon-cool:
Neat looking beast! Love the drawer system, slick

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Were I to do a drawer build for the 100, a whisky rack would definitely be part of it. Not likely though, even the thought of camping gives me a headache :lol:
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Right, mine is having a mini bar and a bloody dance floor. :eusa-snooty: We can all play those games :lol:

The slide out table answers my question (Ben) about having to keep the tailgate clear if you want to get into the fridge. Damn.
I'm on it Tony, next stop - scroll thru 123,376,628,771 photos in Ben's thread to read your post... :)

But I was just busy chuckling at these funny bugger's posts on here. I best not mention that other little addition planned for the Simmo trip.

Hey Scott thanks for the post. Sorry Steph re the slide out table. Must have missed that request in the list somewhere....

Thanks for for the likes guys (likes = techo Bookface talk for......likes)
Oh I don't read that thread Tony, it's only for 70 owners. :eusa-whistle:
Great pics Chris! :thumbup:

Thanks for for taking the time and effort, much appreciated! Just love your truck and how you use it!


I'm about to update it with pics of the 80 series that we've been to look at/purchase tonight. :icon-cool:
Hi Chris good looking 80 but love the hj47 looking to come past let he buy love it thanks a lot tonytoyota :laughing-rolling::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:


I'm about to update it with pics of the 80 series that we've been to look at/purchase tonight. :icon-cool:


You're getting an 80 Ben?...

You? Joint Venture? The firm? I'm all ears on this one....:think::lol:
Ben is playing mystery man with us the bugger.
No divulging instructions to the secret 80s handshake 'til he fronts up with papers.
Hey Blown80,
Great looking truck there --- I like the wine rack --- a good way to justify all the "repairs" to the missus.

I'm looking building some removable drawers to place in the tent for those longer stays. Do you mind posting some more pics of them and how they work.

I haven't visited my own 'garage' in a while it seems, only around 2 years.... How time flies.
James-C, sorry I didn't reply back then, didn't even realise there was a question.
Unfortunately the reason for revisiting this thread is because I've started ripping it all apart and starting over...again...
The good lady and I are hoping to do some more travels but with the dogs as well, and the system doesn't allow for the little dog to join us, let alone the big black German Shepherd.
So out with the drawers.... :icon-cry:


It it took the better part of a day to disassemble all the systems I had built into the forward section directly behind the driver/pass. seats. The pic above was after stripping it out, but I shocked myself how much copper I had stuffed in there over the years adding and improving the systems.
Systems included;

Third battery
Pulse charger
Voltage monitor wiring
Water tank sender and LED gauge system
Water pump wiring system
Air compressor system
LED lighting, operated by drawer switches
Multiple Power socket outlets
High voltage wiring system (caravan style input, circuit board with breakers & gpo's)
Two portable fridge wiring systems with auto-changeover
Mains system 7 stage battery charger
Inverter system

Well that's the bulk of the wiring. Plus there was the tank itself, the large air compressor, multiple drawers and storage compartments, fridge and battery. That's in the front section that has been removed as above pic.
I had to end up breaking some of it apart as it had simply been 'over-done' in build structure, something of a habit I have. So some of the sections simply didn't want to come apart, so it went from a potential 'salvage and offer to someone else' type job, to a 'bring in a bigger hammer' type task.
Eventually I got it all dragged out.


I haven't vacuumed the carpet in the back there for some time, and there's at least a shovelful of Desert dust in there I reckon. It took a bit of cleaning.....

Then the seats were dragged out of storage, they haven't seen light of day for almost 8 years but a quick dust off and vacuum and in they went. The cruiser hasn't looked like this for a while.


The revised drawer system will have to be somewhat shorter, but fortunately this is something I had factored into the original design all those years ago. So a few nicks here and there and the rest of the system will slide back in.


I still plan to re-install the big air compressor as I like the pace it pumps up the tanks in readiness for tyre inflation, so some wiring and controls have to be hooked up again plus I have to retire in the mains power system, fridge wiring system. Should keep me busy for a weekend or two.

Just thought I'd post an update of some work I get to do on my own bus for once.