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(chat) TTFN etc, and protest drive



Chas et al
Methinks - when you've finished your discussion off list let me know what
revised plans will be for sunday - then I'll rush off and get l'beast
taxed...fill up (on 'cheap-er' diesel - but no addition of veggie oil yet)
and meet you and whoever else pops along. I know Wales a bit but not
especially (I even get lost going to Gareth's place...) so I'll let you and
Pete decide where you want to meet - just let me know, map co-ords or
description (preferably both) and I'll endeavour to be there (Never been to
Ray does have a point though - we've all got to tread very carefully in
relation to 'geen-laning' and I don't want to get involved with causing any
grief. I've already done this in relation to Iraq [unrelated incident mind,
no 4x4 thingy] I'm tad too outspoken methinks... so I've got to be on my
best behaviour...Big gov'bruvver is watching me (read:- detained on
terrorist act section 16 etc and so forth..) smile sweetly, be doe-eyed and
be a bimbo..and pretend I'm all innocent and light, and that butter won't
melt in my mouth...not that I'm a reactionary you understand...